A weather system coming off the West Coast of Africa is being monitored closely in the region. It’s still far East of the Cape Verde Islands so there is no reason for concern up to now.

Nevertheless, this might be a good occasion to ensure that preparations for the Atlantic hurricane season, which began on June 1 and ends November 30, are in order. That goes for households,

but also businesses and especially coastal interests, including boat owners.

Government officials and contractors too should adopt a proactive attitude and inspect ditches, gutters, culverts, canals and pumps to prevent potential blockage that could greatly worsen possible flash flooding particularly in low-lying area as the island has experienced before. Also construction materials and debris, certainly of the kind that could be blown away by heavy winds and possibly threaten others, must be secured.

Mind you, there is plenty of time left before the disturbance would even be able to approach the Caribbean, but waiting until the last moment to do what must be done is usually not the best policy.

Again, it’s not clear yet whether the tropical wave with accompanying broad low pressure area will become a depression, let alone a storm, but keeping a keen eye on its development and progress is simply common sense.