Fun for the whole family!

On Sunday April 23, Les Fruits de Mer are hosting their Annual Endemic Animal Festival. This popular, free public event for all ages celebrates St. Martin’s/St. Maarten’s unique wildlife and natural heritage.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn about the animals that only live on this island or in our region. The 2017 event features an Endemic Animal Discovery Station that showcases live reptiles, insects and crustaceans that are only found in St. Martin or only in the Caribbean, with panels explaining the origins and importance of these special species. Wildlife experts are always on hand to share fun facts and answer questions.

There will also be Club Gaïac seedling giveaways, local wildlife-themed art activities and more! Last year over 400 people came out to see all of the educational activities at the festival.

The festival is made possible by the generous support of its sponsors: BirdsCaribbean, Caribbean Paddling, Delta Petroleum, Hotel L’Esplanade, IGY Marinas, Lagoonies Bistro & Bar, L’Esperance Hotel, Rain Forest Adventures, The Scuba Shop, Sonesta Great Bay Beach Resort, Casino & Spa, Sonesta Maho Beach Resort & Casino and Tri-Sport.

The event will take place at Amuseum Naturalis at 96 Boulevard de Grand Case on Sunday, April 23, from 9:00am to 3:00pm. For more information, visit

Being a celebrity on his island, Skelet Mr Reddeye Beffaass has changed the face of parties on the island by coming up with events that excite and drive party goers on and off island. Understand: we will attempt to get in the mind of the creator of Bacchanal Sunday, J’ouvert Jump-Up Splash truck, SXM Dancehall Queen, SXM Best Weekend and countless unique party events promoter. Oh, and he plays a major role as the leader of the group R.E.C (Red Eye Crew).

Notice key word: Attempt! Even though the all-around entertainer does not want to reveal his real name, Skelet did dish some information that might get our readers to learn more about who Skelet is.


Who is Skelet and what is your real name?

My real name is Skelet (smiles). Skelet is a young entrepreneur, artist and promoter. It’s super hard to describe myself.


I graduated with honours from Lycee here (St. Martin) and attended a school in Guadeloupe where I obtained a Computer Engineer degree.

What made you start Red Eye Crew?

It was back in 1998, when we knew nothing about the music industry and how it worked, but the passion was definitely there. In fact our first recording was with two radios: one used to play the instrumental and the other used for recording of our vocals on a cassette. We spent our evenings hanging out in our neighbourhood free styling. Whenever they saw us come, they would say, “Check the RED EYE CREW coming.” From then to this current date, the reason for our group has always been sharing our passion for music with those who want to listen.
How did you start organizing events and why?

Everything I do, I do with St. Maarten/St. Martin on my mind. It’s about making our island the number one destination. My first big event was SXM Dancehall Queen, this event brought visitors from Guadeloupe and Martinique. We were even recognized internationally as one of the coolest events when we created an electronic cage that came from the roof on to the stage for the final battle. 

How did you come up with the concept of Bacchanal Sunday?

Bacchanal Sunday is a chain of events the Kalaboom Team have created after the first edition of J’ouvert Morning Splash back in 2013. We wanted to create something exciting for our followers/splashers to prep them for J’ouvert Morning Splash. 

What makes your events different from other events?

I have no boundaries; I mean who would have ever thought about having a moving pool for J’ouvert Morning or a Missile? My aim is always to do things differently, creating an experience for the party-goers; something to make them remember the night. Something that will guarantee fun.  

How does Red Eye crew write songs?

Actually 90 per cent of the time, we do not write our songs; we memorize them. It’s a vibe when we come together or a situation that occurred. Once the song is completed, only then will everything be written.

What is a relaxing day with Skelet?

In no particular order: 1. Home brainstorming on what to do next. 2. Relaxing with my son and wife or at the movies.

What event are you planning next?

Ten Commandments in June; SXM Best Weekend in July; Black on Black in November and I’m working on a new concept called Blue Magic.

Tell us how you came up with the concept for Best Weekend?

Before SXM Best Weekend, it was Summer Splash, part of our chain of events and feeding off our J’ouvert Morning Splash. After the second edition Summer Splash grew, which made me take it a notch higher by creating SXM Best Weekend (the next best thing after carnival). My aim was to create a Spring Break (Summer Break) in SXM, attracting people from all over to join us for the three-day festival.

What is your fav movie and book?

I don’t have time to read or watch TV 

What type of music do you like more soca or dancehall? Must pick one

This is a tricky question, but whenever I’m meditating on what my next move should be, I turn on some dancehall which sets the mood.

If you had to have dinner with three persons dead or alive who would they be and what would you give them for dessert?

LOL. Sarah Wescot- Williams, Silveria Jacobs and Tamara Leonard. Dessert would be a chocolate lava cake with a Kalaboom Energy Drink.

~ One Love Edition ~

First Saturdays will be a fantastic night for you to get a chance to win tickets to go to the ONE Love Reggae Concert on April 29 at Carnival Village!

Dress to impress as the dress code will be strictly upheld; this means no caps, no jerseys, no T-shirts, no sportswear – just put on your best outfits for the night. The place to be is Zoo Club in Simpson Bay when the doors open at 11:00pm. Get there earlier as the $10 admission goes up to $15 after 1:00am! Call 586-6639 for VIP reservations.

Levi Chin will be the DJ

Levi Chin was born on the island of Saint Lucia where music played an integral role in the lives of many of the communities’ youth. Burning with an overwhelming desire to become the island’s best DJ and wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps, Levi garnered immense pride from listening and learning from his father because it reinforced the importance of music in his life.

Levi first played publicly alongside his father at his school’s fair when he was just 12. All too soon, he started playing for friends at various functions and then his career rapidly climbed the ranks. Now he leaves his trademark at the hottest clubs and parties around the Caribbean. A versatile DJ who is not limited to any particular genre of music, Levi transforms parties bringing a unique and energetic style that moves his captivated audiences.

Be there to enjoy First Saturday Affair and Levi Chin on Saturday, April 8, at Zoo Club!

Bouyon sensation group “Tolly Boys” will headline their first big show and they will do it right here on the island’s biggest stage, Carnival Village, at the Youth Extravaganza this Monday. Who are the Tolly Boys (YMW)?


It was in a party bus in April 2015 that Youry Fleming, now 18 years old, made his first song, “Tolly She Want.” He then sang it to his neighbour of the same age Mathieu Richardson, and Bernard Gumbs, also known as Wizito, the youngest of the group, heard them. A few hours later, at a party in their neighbourhood of Sandy Ground, Youry asked Wizito to sing his song “to see how people will react.”


Satisfied with the passion it aroused, the three teenagers recorded their first title the next day in the studios of Madtwoz. So began the adventure of the Tolly Boys (YMW). “Everybody started to dance with the song, the offers came and our life changed,” recaps Youry, the leader of the group. Since the success of their first title, the three boys regularly perform at Tantra, Soggy Dollar Bar, etc.


“Before we were just ourselves, but now we’re more popular, people recognize us,” he says. Those who missed “Tolly She Want,” hardly could have missed out on “On Plonge,” which was certainly the anthem of St. Martin’s Carnival 2017 edition. The music video, directed by the Guadeloupians of G-Islands, has been seen 511,000 times since its release on YouTube last January 29.


While many praise them, others qualify their words and pictures as pornographic and are shocked to hear children singing “Plonger dans la Coucoune.” It must be said that the Tolly Boys do not make just any music. “In the evenings, we could hear all the time the bouyon is not from Saint-Martin. Well, we decided to create a bouyon for and from St. Martin,” they explained. Originating from Dominica, bouyon is a style of music that is similar to very fast soca music with more than suggestive lyrics, which caused it being accused of pornography.


“Living from music is not in our interest for now” YMW said. Especially since Youry graduated from high school last year and took a gap year before resuming his studies, and Mathieu and Bernard are still in school (one in vocational training to qualify in Nautical Mechanic, the other a high school senior). “We’re young and we have not yet been contacted by someone serious.” They have already released six songs.


In general, together they choose an instrumental, composed by D-mitri, brother of Youry and local beat maker. They all write together, then choose the best text when they arrive in the studio. They do not plan to make an album. Despite their young age and their amateur aspect, they have their heads on their shoulders: “If you do an album, people won’t take the time to listen to it and analyse each song. It is better to get them out one after the other,” they say. Their next title is called, “Mannequin Challenge.” G-Islands already shot the video. They will release it for the Morning J’ouvert on the Dutch side.


Tickets are available at all Mc. Donald’s Restaurants for US $10. The show will start 6:00pm sharp this Monday, April 24, and is sponsored by Port St. Maarten, TelCell, Designers Choice, First Response and Mc. Donald’s.

4th Annual Underwater Easter Egg Hunt

Warm Caribbean tropical waters are calling swimmers and snorkelers of all ages to get Out and About in a different way this Easter! In Support of St. Maarten Nature Foundation Youth Education Programs, The Scuba Shop will hold the 4th Annual Underwater Easter Egg Hunt on Monday, April 17, at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort. That’s right! An Underwater Easter Egg Hunt!

How? you might ask. More than 1,000 boiled and coloured eggs are “laid” in the water in front of Divi Little Bay Beach Resort. Using masks and snorkel or swim goggles, participants search for the eggs and dive down underwater to retrieve them. Eggs are then exchanged for raffle tickets.

The idea is not only to find the eggs, but to be challenged in diving down to get them. This is an event for “kids” of all ages wanting to test how deep they can dive and win great prizes for their efforts. The more eggs you get, the more chances you have to win. So as eggs are exchanged for raffle tickets, they will be recycled back into the water until the time is up. Extra raffle tickets will also be on sale allowing spectators to join the event and for participants to increase their chances of winning some fabulous prizes.

Besides having lots of fun, this is a fundraising event for Sint Maarten Nature Foundation. In a continued effort to stress the important role the youth play in the future of nature conservation on this island, Nature Foundation established the Snorkel Club program with the aim of educating Sint Maarten youth in snorkelling skills and marine conservation. With more funding, Nature Foundation will be able to expand their Youth Education Programs.

This is really a great morning on the beach at Divi – and as you are already out and about, the hotel invites you to stay and make a day of it with beach chair and umbrella specials to relax and enjoy the facilities after the event.

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