It’s that time of year again when many health-conscious people, fitness buffs or just regular folk who like food are a bit worried about Holiday weight-gain. Every year it comes around, and every year it feels like a challenging mission. With a good plan, some fast and simple workouts and (most importantly for me) substitutes; it doesn’t have to be negative.

It’s always a good time when women get together to celebrate beauty – and FOOD! This past weekend, organizers of the Food, Fashion and Beauty Expo hosted their third annual event at Belair Community Centre.

When I think of the word, I say it in my head like “Mo-vember”, so when did this start up? I personally heard about it some four to five years ago, when one of my neat, cutesy young guy friends grew a moustache, and wouldn’t stop. All us ladies were wondering what was up with him (mind you, this was before this latest beard craze).

Tijon launched its first perfume in its newest Gold Collection on December 1 in celebration of its ninth anniversary.

A hair care line for all hair textures

The “all about texture series” workshop with Mizani was held on November 6-7 at Divi Little Bay Resort Convention Center. The workshop was held by Atiuska Vargas, a Mizani International Artist and Redken Salon Professional Academy Educator, who has been working in the hair industry for 19 years. She has attended some of the most prestigious academies and has trained with many of the industry’s most recognized artists.

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