It’s that time when New Year’s resolutions come into play and everyone’s starting to think about how to lose that extra weight, make more money, or generally become a more organized version of themselves. This often doesn’t happen or takes some time for the results to be visible. If you’re interested in relatively fast results for little work, you might want to consider adding a data detox to your list of goals. Personal information is everywhere and doing a data detox helps to start a new year organized, secure and at ease with your computer files or internet activity.


Don’t feel uncomfortable, get tested!


Cancer is one of those topics that make people uncomfortable, including myself. Most of us know a cancer survivor, or sadly someone who did not survive this horrible disease. When I first heard of cervical cancer, it made me even more uncomfortable as a woman. Cervical cancer affects the cervix. This is the area at the neck of the uterus (womb) that fits into the upper part of the vagina, and acts as a muscular band keeping the developing baby inside the womb. This means that being treated for cervical cancer can affect your chances of having a child – something many of us want or dream about.

Hi, my name is Desiree Winkel, owner and founder of Fitness Coaching. I’ve been working for years now with Martijn Steffens, a manual therapist who runs his office in the same studio as mine. We work with clients, who are in pain, need to exercise and want to get healthy.

By Claudienne Peterson


Stacy-Ann Taylor is a self-made make-up artist and fashion advisor to models, pageant queens and even celebrities. She is sought after by online- and print-media, event coordinators and photographers for their shoots/videos, weddings and more. Meeting her is such a delight as her beautiful smile and great enthusiasm for her work are more than infectious!


Some of Stacy-Ann’s recent work includes the cover of the last issue of Discover Magazine; her work has also been featured in Elléments Magazine. She did the make-up of EJ (Magic Johnson’s son) when an episode of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills was being filmed on Sint Maarten. She’s also done make-up and clothing concepts for shoots with professional dancer Khadija Shari and professional tap dancer Maud Arnold, Ashley Everett (Beyoncé’s dance captain) and recently dancehall artist Cecile!

Stacy-Ann recently travelled with the first runner up Senior Pageant Queen to St. Kitts: “I did styling, make-up and part-time chaperone work.” Get to know what makes Stacy-Ann’s life of fashion tick!

As the season draws on and the days until Christmas and New Year subside, I take a look back at how far “Healthy Hair” has come, and I appreciate the progress I have made. There will be a new look, something more colourful to add a bit of life to the column, so as not to bore the readers to death. The title has changed, as well, in favour of something shorter. Throughout the entire process, I’ve come to learn that there is no right or absolutely wrong way to do things.

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