By Laura Bijnsdorp

I have only done it thrice in my life so far but I’ve found white water rafting to be an absolutely thrilling experience every time! With the waves crashing around you and everyone on your team laughing and shouting, rafting is truly a one of a kind activity. You get a big adrenaline boost and get to see nature like you never have before! In addition to being a fun way to spend an afternoon with colleagues, friends or family, did you know that rafting also offers a number of health benefits?

In commemoration of World Kidney Day which was observed on March 9, we are highlighting some of the underlying causes of kidney disease and steps that can be taken to avoid or limit them. Obesity is a well-known risk factor of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. A less known and recognized, but equally important ramification of obesity is chronic kidney disease (CKD). For that reason, kidney health awareness focused this year on taking steps to reduce global obesity.

By Claudienne Peterson

~ Model & More ~

Chuckling, smiling, enjoying life and very pleasant, the fun, spontaneous and down-to-earth model Patrick Marcelino is not just wonderful to have a conversation with, but conversation with him is also an enlightening experience. Not just a pretty face, he makes you think!

How to survive a festival

We might be a bit late as SXM Festival has just closed its brilliantly decorated doors and you will have to wait a whole year to stand in front of its many stages again. BUT maybe SXM Festival has created a new obsession within your body: one that includes good music, a lot of dancing and – unfortunately– a lot of stinky toilets.

~ Frida Kahlo ~

Born Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón, Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter known for her self-portraits. Kahlo’s life began and ended in Mexico City, in her home, which is known as La Casa Azul (the Blue House). Her work has been celebrated internationally as emblematic of Mexican national and indigenous traditions, and by feminists for its uncompromising depiction of the female experience and form.

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