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WILLEMSTAD--Two persons died and six were injured in Curaçao during a police chase early Friday morning that ended in a violent crash on Kaya Mitologia, St. Joris.

PHILIPSBURG--The St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry (COCI) on Friday launched its online payment module during a reception at its office on Cannegieter Street.

The discovery of skeletons from the late 18th to early 19th century (see related story) is good news for several reasons. To begin with, many of the local heritage sites are already gone, which makes protecting this one and others that remain all the more important.
Second, it tells something about local colonial history that may not have been known earlier, like the possibility that an epidemic may have occurred. The burial of seven bodies without coffins in rapidly-dug holes and without gravestones would seem to indicate such.
But perhaps the most significant fact is that the scientific find took place at Emilio Wilson Estate, which had been the subject of much discussion and controversy in recent years. When plans for Rainforest Adventures there were first unveiled many feared they would mean losing one of the few parts of the island’s cultural patrimony left.
The latter led to a majority in Parliament opting to have the country purchase this property instead so it could be preserved. It was indeed bought by Government, but then leased out to the same developer in the end so that the project could continue.
Lo and behold, the remains were uncovered – not destroyed – during work on the chairlift and zip-line. Agreements to that extent had been made prior to the start of construction with respect to any artefacts encountered.
The intention is actually to incorporate these in the attraction, which includes a small museum at one of the restored planation dwellings. This example once again shows that economic progress and conservation can go hand-in-hand.
People also protested against the Great Bay Beach promenade, commonly known as “the boardwalk” and now officially Boardwalk Boulevard. However, the result was an even nicer beach and better tourism product that no doubt helped make St. Maarten one of the top cruise destinations in the region.

It appeared Thursday evening the recently formed Tropical Storm Harvey was on its way to the Southeastern Caribbean. That’s good news for the local area, although, of course, one sympathises with the islands in its path.
It’s certainly no reason for people here to let their guard down either. After all, there are still two other disturbances headed towards the Caribbean and it’s too early to tell what kind of impact they might make.
Not only that, but the height of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season has arrived and more weather systems coming from the African West coast can be expected. Considering that Harvey is this year’s eighth named storm, one would have to say things got off to a pretty busy start.
Persons who did not yet make any preparations had better do so quickly. Once these systems follow each other in such close proximity there may be little time left in case of a serious threat.
When it gets to that point, wood to board up doors and windows, but also emergency supplies, could quickly run out. In addition, roads are likely to become congested ahead of inclement weather and make it even harder to get much done.
Authorities continue to regularly remind the public for several months now of the need to get ready. If something happens to those who fail to do so due to their own negligence, they will have only themselves to blame.

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados--Heavy flooding and power outages were left in the wake of Harvey as the storm moved between Barbados and the Windward Islands in the early hours of Friday morning.


NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL092017

1100 AM AST Fri Aug 18 2017




LOCATION...13.1N 61.3W











A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for...

* Martinique

* St. Lucia

* St. Vincent and the Grenadines

A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect for...

* Dominica

Interests elsewhere in the eastern and central Caribbean Sea should monitor the progress of Harvey.

For storm information specific to your area, please monitor products issued by your national meteorological service.



At 1100 AM AST (1500 UTC), the center of Tropical Storm Harvey was located near latitude 13.1 North, longitude 61.3 West. Harvey is moving toward the west near 21 mph (33 km/h) and this general motion is expected to continue for the next couple of days. On the forecast track, the center of Harvey will move through the Windward Islands and into the eastern Caribbean Sea today and move into the central Caribbean Sea on Saturday.

Maximum sustained winds are near 40 mph (65 km/h) with higher gusts. Slow strengthening is forecast during the next 48 hours.

Tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 70 miles (110 km) from the center. Fort-de-France, Martinique, recently reported a wind gust of 44 mph (70 km/h), while Hewanorra International Airport on St. Lucia recently reported a wind gust of 43 mph (69 km/h).

The minimum central pressure estimated from Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft data and surface observations is 1005 mb (29.68 inches).



WIND: Tropical storm conditions are occurring in the warning area at this time. Tropical storm conditions are possible in the watch area today.

RAINFALL: Harvey is expected to produce additional rainfall totals of 1 to 2 inches with locally higher amounts across parts of the Leeward and Windward Islands from Guadeloupe southward to Grenada.

These additional rains could cause life-threatening flash floods and mudslides.

SORRISO, Brazil--At a warehouse in the heart of Brazil's agriculture sector, farmer Rafael Bilibio watches truck after truck line up to unload corn onto the ground outside the huge storage bins. His own corn, ready for unloading from a 50-tonne truck that has just pulled in, is destined to join the pile that has reached 65-feet high, as the bins remain stuffed with soybeans collected earlier this year in Mato Grasso state.

MEXICO CITY--A tanker carrying a cargo of about 1 million barrels of Venezuelan heavy crude has been stranded for more than a month off the coast of Louisiana for lack of a bank letter of credit to discharge, three sources have told Reuters.

BUCHAREST--On a hot summer afternoon, two delicately framed women are pulling off a theatrical tour de force, playing out a real-life drama in a village courtyard close to Bucharest.

LOS ANGELES--Taylor Swift, one of the most popular celebrities on social media, wiped all her accounts on Friday, sending fans into a frenzy over whether the pop singer had been hacked, was preparing to launch a new album, or was about to reinvent herself.

WASHINGTON/HAGERSTOWN, Maryland--President Donald Trump on Friday fired his chief strategist Steve Bannon in the latest White House shake-up, removing a far-right architect of his 2016 election victory and a driving force behind his nationalist and anti-globalization agenda.

HAGERSTOWN, Maryland--U.S. President Donald Trump reviewed an array of options for a strategy on Afghanistan with his top national security aides, but made no decision on whether he would commit more troops to America's longest war.

BARCELONA--The driver of the van that ploughed into crowds in Barcelona, killing 13 people, may still be alive and at large, Spanish police said on Friday, denying earlier media reports that he had been shot dead in a Catalan seaside resort.

BARCELONA--Spain mounted a sweeping anti-terror operation on Friday after a suspected Islamist militant drove a van into crowds in Barcelona, killing 13 people before fleeing, in what police suspect was one of multiple planned attacks.

The St. Maarten national baseball team, The Pelicans, will face Generals in Double A Baseball at John Cooper Jose Lake Sr. Ballpark this evening. First pitch is set for 7:00pm. Double A started Sunday with two games. Pelicans faced Mets and won 21-0. In the other game Tigers bested Blue Jays 11-1. Last night Generals clobbered Astros 26-3. In the early game today, a 3:00pm start, Tigers will go up against Astros. Sunday Pelicans meet Tigers at 2:00pm and Blue Jays take on Mets at 6:00pm.

BIRMINGHAM, England-- Rain held up England's progress after Alastair Cook scored a superb 243 on the second day of the first test against West Indies at Edgbaston on Friday.

Dear Editor,
If for sixty odd years the new police recruits in the Netherlands Antilles were trained and schooled in the Police academy on Curaçao; if over the years many many crimes nationally as well as internationally were successfully solved by those same police of the Netherlands Antilles; if in the Kingdom of the Netherlands justice has always remained kingdom affairs; if we continue to proclaim if it is not broken don’t try to fix it, then why have we messed with the police recruits training. I have always said it and will always maintain that politics has no place in a police force. Politics should never be incorporated in police affairs.
Where am I going with this. I was called and told that what I always said is coming to pass. Government is bringing twenty police officers from Suriname to mentor the police here because of the incompetence of the local police. I could not believe that it was said that way and could not discuss it further because of load shedding and the battery of my phone ran down. Which in a sense was good also. I did not really say much about reinforcement, but I always said in Papiamento, “Pa Antillas, polis bo ta bira na Corsow.” (Police for the Antilles are made in Curaçao”).
What I have also said is that the young men and women from the Windward Islands should spend at least two years working on Curaçao before coming back home. They need the experience and the seasoning. The nucleus of the population of St. Maarten and the lack of sense of decorum is not conducive and may even be prejudicial for a police school on St. Maarten. To go along with that, reinforcement from Holland or Suriname has not proven to be successful because of, sad to say, people having their own agenda and not having St. Maarten sufficiently at heart to maintain law and order as it should be maintained.
When you care about something you take care of it. If it is not yours that’s a different story. Most of all if government does not show any good example, those who have to maintain law and order go about it accordingly and the attitude even becomes if they don’t care, why should I.
The person who called me knew that in 2005 the then prosecutor asked me to stay on and help him with the written fines because too many of them lacked the correct description and the essentials of the act. I told him that I would do better in a place (police station) where I could discuss with the younger police officers what happened during their patrol and assist them with compiling their reports. That would ensure that those written fines reach his desk complete and in order.
From then already the establishment knew that the quality of the force was at risk. If now our government is looking for reinforcement for that reason that would indicate to me that all that was done before has failed. Send our recruits to Curaçao. This is not placing bus stops, this is assuring the community of adequate protection when necessary.
I’m a bit confused. Our laws are in Dutch and we are asking Holland and Suriname, who’s official language is also Dutch, to reinforce and mentor our policemen, but we are urging our government to make English the language of instruction.

Russell A. Simmons

Dear Queenie,
I know my girlfriend dated other guys before me and thinking about what she did with them bothers me, but when I try to talk to her about it she gets upset. I’m trying not to think about it, but I just can’t get the thoughts out of my mind.
Queenie, am I wrong to be bothered about this?—Uptight

Dear Uptight,
You are not wrong to be bothered by the idea, but it is a big mistake to keep trying to talk to your girlfriend about it. How would you like it if she kept bringing up the subject of your previous girlfriends?
Let the subject go, and if you have trouble doing so, talk to a professional counsellor about it, not your girlfriend.

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