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CARNIVAL VILLAGE--The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation annouced the Jouvert Morning Jump-Up lineup on Wednesday. 

The jump will  start at 4:00am this Thursday close to the village. The lineup is as follows:

Ok ok the line up

Mixmaster Pauly 

Official Band 


Rohie Riddim

TG Band

NBA (Djs & New Edition) 

 XP Band 

Soggy Dollar truck 

Youth Waves 

No Limit Band

 DJ Toolz 21

Strike Up Band 

DJ Ken 

Respect Band 

Zero Tolerance Band ZTB

DJ Wilson 


Splash Truck (DJS)

DATE ISSUED: Wednesday, April 26, 2017 @ 12:00 LST (16:00 UTC)

VALID UNTIL: Thursday midday (12:00 LST) April 27, 2017


This afternoon through Thursday midday: Partly cloudy and slightly breezy, a with passing shower possible.

Forecast High: 29°C / 84°F             Forecast Low: 25°C / 77°F

Sunset Today: 6:32 P.M.                 Sunrise Tomorrow: 5:48 A.M.


This afternoon through Thursday midday: East southeast to east with a light to moderate breeze of 07 to 14 mph.

The Atlantic high pressure system will limit shower activity across the local area during this forecast period.

Slight to moderate seas are expected with waves reaching near 6 feet with long period swells. Small craft operators and sea bathers are advised to exercise caution.

STATE OF THE SEA: Slight to Moderate         WAVES/SWELLS: 4 to 6 feet


OUTLOOK through Friday midday:  Partly cloudy with a few passing showers possible.


Tuesday’s mishap in which a man was run over and killed by heavy equipment on the dump is most regrettable. An accident can always occur, but one could argue this was just waiting to happen.

It’s not the first time either. So long as persons are able to search unsupervised there for still valuable items, that risk will always exist.

Efforts have been made over the years to isolate, guard and secure the local landfill, but vehicles needing to dispose of waste must obviously be allowed in and it seems impossible to keep all others out. That’s a recurring problem not only in St. Maarten, but at many similar facilities, including Malpais in Curaçao.

The reality is that people desperate enough to rummage through trash looking for what they can use, including discarded food, are apparently hard to stop. Some may consider it a welcome form of informal recycling, especially because there isn’t even any garbage separation to speak of, but certainly the current situation is far from ideal.

There was thankfully some good news to report as well, with TUI adding another flight to Princess Juliana International Airport SXM. This not only increases the frequency of the carrier’s service to three times per week, but provides a direct connection with yet another city, in this case Brussels.

Dutch travellers will no doubt use it, particularly if they can’t get a seat on aircraft leaving from Amsterdam, but this also makes the destination that much more attainable for Belgians. In that sense the new airlift can help enhance the island’s European source market considerably.
Of course, the service is to be combined with Punta Cana, which means a number of passengers won’t get off the plane here, but the same goes for the existing TUI flights that return via Curaçao. There is actually a potential benefit in that travellers heading towards the Dominican Republic are less likely to know about St. Maarten, so this will offer at least the opportunity for them to view a bit of its scenery during landing and take-off.

After years of seeing Curaçao and Aruba do very well with tourism from the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg), it appears “The Friendly Island” is on its way to finally start catching up.

Granting the St. Maarten Timeshare Association (SMTA) three months to study the draft law to establish a timeshare authority (see related story) was the correct thing to do. It’s a bit frustrating, because calls to better regulate the industry and protect its clients came from the field itself following less-than-positive experiences with the so-called Pelican saga and the takeover of the former Caravanserai, currently known as Alegria.

To be sure, there have been problems on and off at several other resorts as well – for example, regarding maintenance, or rather lack thereof, and the fees charged for such. Many timeshare owners had complained bitterly and back then threatened never to return to the island unless something was done.

The latter took more than five years, among other things for translation of the proposed legislation to English. Now it turns out that the body included in the package to oversee the sector is not wanted.

Parliament President Sarah Wescot-Williams acknowledged that well-intended decisions to establish this authority with far-reaching powers to settle any issues rising from the law’s execution had led to a rather heavy-handed draft. Somehow an amendment to the room tax ordinance was added, changing it from NAf. 90 to NAf. 102 per week.

As this matter has been in the pipeline for so long, waiting another 90 days doesn’t seem the worst thing in the world. Most important at this stage is probably to get it right once and for all.

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad--“By enabling things to communicate with each other independently of human interaction, the Internet of Things (IoT) opens up possibilities of new business models, new types of services and new revenue streams.

PARAMARIBO--When the Police Corps took resolute action against anti-Government protestors last week, a member of its riot team was spotted toting heavy firearms and wearing a death mask. The Corps is now being called upon to explain whether this was meant to intimidate the protestors into thinking that they were being watched by a death squadron.

OTTAWA--The United States and Canada faced off on Tuesday in a renewed battle over softwood lumber that threatened to spill over into multiple other sectors, though President Donald Trump said he did not fear a trade war.

GENEVA--Mexico can impose annual trade sanctions worth $163.23 million against the United States after winning a dispute over trade in tuna fish, a World Trade Organization arbitrator ruled on Tuesday. Mexico's economy ministry said it planned immediate action to initiate the trade sanctions.

LOS ANGELES--After causing havoc in the universe and saving it from destruction, Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" are back in a new adventure that takes the unconventional group of friends on a quest to discover their family ties.

MADRID--Eighty years after the bloody air raid on the Spanish town of Guernica that drove Pablo Picasso to paint a masterpiece, a new exhibition in Madrid highlights the enduring relevance of his depiction.

BERLIN--Ivanka Trump was booed in Berlin on Tuesday when she described her father Donald as a "tremendous champion of supporting families" and said she was still fine-tuning her role as first daughter and informal White House adviser.
  Trump, 35, who is seen as an increasingly important influence on her father, told a women's summit organised by the Group of 20 major economies in the German capital that she wanted to use her influence to help empower women.

WASHINGTON--The threat of a U.S. government shutdown this weekend appeared to recede on Tuesday after President Donald Trump backed away from a demand that Congress include funding for his planned border wall with Mexico in a spending bill.

BANGKOK--A Thai man filmed himself killing his 11-month-old daughter in two video clips posted on Facebook before committing suicide, police said on Tuesday.

ANKARA--Turkey will not wait at Europe's door forever and is ready to walk away from EU accession talks if rising Islamophobia and hostility from some member states persist, President Tayyip Erdogan told Reuters in a wide-ranging interview on Tuesday.

PHILIPSBURG—Anaïs Peters Kwiers placed first in the Bikini Wellness category during Anguilla’s 5th Annual LSF Invitational competition held on Saturday, April 22, 2017 at the Rodney McArthur Rey Auditorium.

She was part of a team from the St. Maarten Bodybuilding and Fitness Association (SMBBFA) that also included athletes Jeanrony Virgile competing in Junior Male Physique, and Ramy Quettant and Dylan “Angus” Daniel in Male Physique.

Dylan Daniel placed second in Male Physique and Ramy Quettant placed third out of five athletes in the category.

The Junior Male Physique also had five competitors. Jeanrony Virgile did not place on this occasion for his first time on stage and although disappointed he said he benefitted from the experience and will use the opportunity for further growth.

“Our athletes did great and we, the SMBBFA are extremely proud of them and excited about the next upcoming shows including our very own Nationals in September,” SMBBFA stated in a release.

LONDON-- Buoyant Chelsea extended their Premier League lead and calmed nerves at Stamford Bridge with a 4-2 win over Southampton on Tuesday that moved them seven points clear of their nearest pursuers Tottenham Hotspur.

Dear Editor,

The Central Committee of Parliament made history last week when it scheduled ample time to discuss the 2016-2020 Governing Programme “Solidarity for Prosperity”. As far as I can recall, this is the first time that Parliament planned so many meetings to handle a governing programme. The only other topic for which so many meetings are scheduled by Parliament is the country’s budget. I am a strong believer that these two go hand-in-hand and we should expect to see the priorities and projects listed in the governing programme also reflected in all future budgets presented.

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA), comprised of the United St. Maarten Party (USP), Democratic Party (DP) and National Alliance (NA) factions, also ought to be commended for their display of unity during the opening presentation. Unfortunately, the individual presentations by the various ministers sounded more like the wish list of excited children in a toy store who want everything in the store without taking their parents’ pocketbook into consideration. The Ministers should have presented a more realistic overview of their 2017 plans and how these corroborate with the 2017 budget of the country. In my opinion, the Minister of Education came the closest to doing just that.

Parliamentarians who are part of the coalition should realize that working on drafting the governing programme does not exempt them from still being critical and asking pertinent questions concerning the programme. They must remember that the general public did not get the opportunity to read the governing programme for themselves, therefore any question or comment raised by a parliamentarian would definitely help to further inform and enlighten the general public. In addition, I am of the opinion that the governing programme must be synchronized with the budget. Just as parliamentarians raised many critical questions during the budget debate, they should also be just as critical about the governing programme, particularly as it relates to financing the various plans and projects.

The President of Parliament, the Honourable Sarah Wescot-Williams, although being part of the UDA coalition, still raised several pertinent points regarding the governing programme and even went as far as to caution the government to “keep their finger on the pulse of” issues such as waste management, the hospital and healthcare, and the integrity chamber. The other members of parliament, especially our first-time parliamentarians, can learn a lot from the vast parliamentary experience of our President of Parliament.

The absence of the United People’s (UP) Party at the meeting is regrettable and cause for great concern. The UP faction missed out on a golden opportunity to truly represent the people of St. Maarten. People call the UP the opposition in Parliament. The better name, however, would be “the minority faction”, because the word “opposition” implies that their job is solely to oppose whatever government proposes or does, which is not the case. The role of the minority faction is to be very critical of government’s proposals in order to ensure that these benefit the people and are executed in a responsible manner. In fact, this should be the role of all parliamentarians, whether they are in the coalition or in the minority faction.

Unfortunately, the UP parliamentarians chose to be missing in action and consequently did not live up to their responsibility to represent all of the people of St. Maarten as stipulated in article 44 of the Constitution. This type of political tactics belongs to old school politics and do not contribute to raising the bar in Parliament. If they were present, the UP minority faction would have demonstrated political maturity. Are we to interpret this absence to mean that the governing programme is worthless and does not deserve UP’s time or energy? Does this absence signify that UP does not care about the people’s business and does not have any interest in the plans that government has for this country? Is this absence an indication that the party is still upset and bitter about not being in government and that this is a way to boycott everything that the UDA government plans to do for the people? Does UP’s absence mean that the minority faction in Parliament is not taking its commitment to represent the people seriously? I am of the opinion that once politicians have been elected to Parliament they should begin to act like statesmen and put the people’s business before politics. It is time we raise the bar in our Parliament! I believe that the UP faction owes all the people of St. Maarten, whom they should have been representing during the meeting on the governing programme, an explanation and/or an apology.

What example did the UP faction set, and what message have they sent by being absent and forfeiting their responsibility to represent the people? Are they telling our people that if they do not agree with the people on their jobs they can just stay away without giving a notice of absence or an apology? Being business people themselves, they very well know that in the corporate world this type of behaviour would never be tolerated. There, it is expected that employees who don’t show up to work give a valid reason for their absence otherwise they suffer the consequences. They can receive a warning, the time away from the job can be deducted from their salaries or they can eventually be fired. Unfortunately, in the case of our parliamentarians there is no immediate sanction. However, seeing that the UP faction was absent without notice, I wonder … would they do the honourable thing and instruct the President of Parliament to have the hours that they did not attend the April 20th meeting, deducted from their salaries?

Wycliffe Smith

Leader of the Sint Maarten Christian Party

Dear Queenie,

I have a friend who always asks me what I think she should wear to an event and then tells me not to wear something she thinks is too much like what she is going to wear.

Queenie, I don’t mind giving advice, but I don’t like being told what I should or shouldn’t wear. What do you say?—Fed up

Dear Fed up,

By all means give your friend advice when she asks for it. However, feel free to simply ignore her instructions as to what you should or should not wear.

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