The illegal toilet found at Mullet Bay (see related story) once again shows a total lack of respect for nature. Whoever is responsible obviously does not understand and/or care about the value of the island’s natural resources such as the beach and sea.

These are important not just for environmental and recreational reasons, but also key ingredients of the hospitality industry on which practically everyone’s income – whether directly or indirectly – ultimately depends. Particularly Mullet Bay, apart from being a local favourite, is popular among guests.

With makeshift plumbing to channel excrement into the bushes right on the beach it is also a public health and hygiene issue. After today’s report competent authorities will no doubt take swift action to remove this potential hazard.

The incident does raise questions about facilities at a prime location enjoyed by so many residents and tourists, including cruise passengers who are often taken there by taxi tours. If barbeque outlets and lounge rental businesses have been allowed to operate there, shouldn’t there be proper sanitary provisions as well?

A few of the common portable green toilets were placed there, but the problem is that their holding tanks need to be emptied regularly, otherwise it becomes an unclean, smelly affair. Perhaps better, more frequent service and maintenance could improve that situation.

After all, when part of Kim Sha was prepared as alternative spot for cruise passengers to hang out after Hurricane Irma a decent bathroom was added in addition to vendors, although – truth be told – there were some initial sewage issues too.

Circumstances at Mullet Bay are a bit difficult, as it regards privately-held land and those involved apparently have different plans. However, meanwhile making visits to the – still public – beach a pleasant experience is in everybody’s best interest, including their own.