PHILIPSBURG--Utilities company GEBE says it had to resort to load-shedding in several districts on Thursday when it had to carry out “immediate maintenance” on one of the engines at the Cay Bay power plant that developed “a problem” which resulted in the need for the maintenance.

GEBE said in a press release that it had had “no other choice” than to load-shed in several districts after the problem developed. Affected areas were interrupted from as early as 10:30am for as long as 1½ to 2½ hours.

GEBE said its technicians had made “every effort” to bring the unit online and normalise the electricity supply “in a timely manner” and it “appreciates the patience and understanding” of its customers.

GEBE said it was accessible via its toll-free emergency line tel. 1-844-432-3213 or its Facebook page, where announcements are posted as they occur.