COLE BAY--Four men were arrested during a police control by the Multi-Disciplinary team in the vicinity of the border Thursday about 12:00pm and are presently in custody pending further investigation in connection with drugs and firearm charges.

A vehicle with French licence plate 0129AAC was stopped by officers for control and the officers smelled the strong odour of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. A search followed and two plastic bags containing a considerable amount of compressed marijuana were found and confiscated for further investigation. K.A.L. (33), G.A.L. (25), T.V.W. (19) and D.B.R. (15) were arrested on the spot and taken to the Philipsburg police station.

The vehicle was confiscated for further investigation. Investigators at police headquarters in Philipsburg carried out a more in-depth search of the vehicle and found under the centre console between the driver and passenger seats three loaded handguns that also were confiscated for further investigation.

Given the fact that the youngest suspect is a minor, just 15 years old, the police are advising all parents to pay very close attention to their children, find out who their friends are and monitor their behaviour during and after school hours.