POINTE BLANCHE--Prison Guards at the Pointe Blanche prison are up in arms over the functioning of Director Edward Rohan and demand that he is removed.

Guards decided not to show up for work on Thursday morning and made their way to their union instead. They are represented by the Windward Islands Civil Servant Union/Private Sector Union (WICSU-PSU)



 The union and the employees of the House of Detention are mapping their grievances and will be sending a formal letter to the Minister of Justice Edson Kirindongo requesting the immediate dismissal of Rohan.


The Prison was rocked by its first murder on Wednesday August 31, when Omar Jones was gunned down by a fellow inmate outside his cell. Guards indicated to the Daily Herald that Rohan does not how to run the prison properly.


Minister of Justice Edson Kirindongo in an invited comment stated that he is aware of the situation and has requested the assistance of the police and VKS for reinforcement until the situation is solved. He said at this moment (10:00am) he has not received any formal notification on what the strike may be about.