The medal ceremony in La Savane on Tuesday.



MARIGOT--A medal ceremony took place Tuesday at the fire station headquarters in La Savane to honour the men and women of the French Fire Brigade (Sapeurs-Pompiers) and Civil Security workers, who showed exceptional bravery, humility, and selfless devotion to duty, during Hurricane Irma.

  In all, eight gold Interior Security medals were bestowed upon firemen, the recipients receiving their decorations from Secretary-General of the Préfecture Mickaël Dore, and Third Vice-President of the Collectivité Annick Pétrus. A further12 congratulatory letters from the Ministry were awarded and read out.

  Recipients were recognized for protecting the population on a daily basis in all circumstances, and during the hurricane for their interventions in the face of great danger, despite having families and damage to their own homes.

  “You were there for everyone, and that is proof of your courage, determination and resilience,” one of the citations read.

  The Medal for Internal Security (Médaille de la Sécurité Intérieure) is a French civil and military medal, established by Decree No. 2012-424 of March 28, 2012.