HARBOUR VIEW--The Department of Communication DComm will air a television special on Monday, June 17, on the Dutch Scientific Institute RIVM research into the air quality surrounding Great Salt Pond and the landfill. The special will air on the government’s website, Facebook, and YouTube channel at 9:00am, and on Cable TV Channel 115 at 7:00pm.

  Government commissioned a study by RIVM to study the air quality around the landfill, to find a solution or create a basis for the establishment of a solution, a waste management system. The study was commissioned by the Ministries of Environment and Infrastructure VROMI and the Ministry of Public Health, Social Affairs, and Welfare.

  The DComm special will explore the purpose and consequences of the RIVM study and will feature an interview with VROMI Ministry Head of Infrastructure Management Claudius Buncamper about the basis and reason for the scientific air quality study.

  Buncamper said the landfill has grown year after year without proper attention, in addition to the intermittent fires throughout the years. Government today has made a conscious decision to try to solve the issue once and for all.

  Besides, taking acute measures to quell the incendiary activities and prepare the recovery operation, a study had to be carried out to measure the air quality around the landfill.

  DComm spoke to RIVM public relations officer Jolanda Roelofs who explained about the institution and the work it carries out to determine with certainty the toxicity at the landfill and to provide a basis and a scientific argument for a solution.

  Arien Stolk of RIVM provided a more detailed explanation about the technical aspects of the research being conducted by the institution.

  The research group will conclude its work soon and findings will be shared with the public soon. Government will then explain to the people its road map to waste management.