CAY HILL--Three detained Cuban nationals were rushed to St. Maarten Medical Center on Friday evening for what are said to be self-inflicted injuries they suffered while in a cell at the police headquarters in Philipsburg.

  The men spent three months behind bars after being stopped by Immigration trying to enter the country illegally. The men were taken to the police station holding cells and were unable to get tickets to travel back to their country.

  The Daily Herald understands that just this week a Judge of Instruction ordered that the men be deported to Cuba.

  On Friday evening, guards heard screams coming from one of the cells and saw the three men on the floor with blood splattered all over the cell area. Ambulance officials were alerted and the men were transported to the hospital for treatment.

  Police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson confirmed that there had been an incident with three Cuban men at the police cells in Philipsburg and that they were transferred to the hospital for treatment.

  The men were treated by doctors in the Emergency Room close to 10:30pm and no loss of life was reported by police on Friday.