Sundial Principal Mireille Regales and teacher Roxsana Pantophlet greeting a student on Monday.

Sundial Principal Mireille Regales and teacher Roxsana Pantophlet speaking to students.

PHILIPSBURG--Sundial School desperately wants the roof of its gym, which was ripped away during the passing of Hurricane Irma in 2017, to be replaced.

Since school reopened after Irma, students have been having their gym classes under the blazing heat of the sun, and gym teachers have to endure the heat giving class after class.

“We need a roof or covering over the gym. That is my main pet peeve right now,” Sundial Principal Mireille Regales said. She said when it rains the school cannot give gym classes. And after a shower of rain, water has to be swept out of the gym hall before classes can take place.

She wants a roof or even a temporary covering on the gym. “We would appreciate a covering even if it’s temporary for now.” Additionally, some classes are still leaking.

Despite the challenges, the school started off on Monday with 80 first formers divided into four classrooms.

Regales said the first day of school went well. This year’s motto is: “Proper planning for positive results.”

The school plans to continue with the initiatives from last year. These include more use of technology and having students do more group work with information technology in mind. The school will also continue to update its Facebook page and reach out to parents electronically as it is difficult to reach parents via phone calls. “We are doing less with papers and doing more electronically.”

The school will also continue its honour roll, which it began last year. One student who does volunteer work outside of school will also be selected and highlighted as student of the month. The school will also be holding leadership training for students in collaboration with the Toastmasters and other clubs. “We will do more leadership training, because there are many leaders in the group, but they don’t have the skills. They will be guided.”