PHILIPSBURG--Households and businesses around the country have been experiencing power outages of one hour periods since early Tuesday due to load shedding being executed by utilities company GEBE.

GEBE said in a brief media statement that the load shedding is due to “issues at the Power Plant with our engines.”

  The load shedding was put into effect on Tuesday morning, however residents had been experiencing power outages, in some cases more than once, since Monday afternoon and Monday evening. It is not clear how long the load shedding will be in effect. Also, the specific issues being encountered with engines at the Power Plant are not clear.

  In an unrelated issue, the water supply to several districts was expected to have been affected on Monday evening from 10:30pm to 12 midnight due to a maintenance test the company was conducting on its water grid from the Simpson Bay Bridge to the Cay Bay Pump Station/Power Plant. Areas that were supposed to have been affected were Cole Bay, Welfare Road to the Simpson Bay Bridge, Snoopy Island, Simpson Bay Yacht Club and parts of Billy Folly Road (from Cappuccino Diner till Atrium Hotel) and Pelican Keys.