Dear Editor,

The Prime Minister and Ministers of Vromi and Justice are doing great, as you all know our police are always doing their best but those that are responsible to change the laws must wake up and change the laws.

Government must continue focusing on the East side of the island, the light poles at Dawn Beach and Oyster Pond; we all appreciated this great performance of our Government; thanks, keep up the good works and don't forget the side-walks.

Although we are seeing how well Minister Christophe is doing, many people still rather he should remain in Parliament to help get the laws changed and bring in some new laws to move this Island forward.

And l will like to remind Minister Christopher the clients of CKC credit union still waiting for the promises you did during your campaigns how you will help them get back their money from the Central Bank.

It is really discouraging to see so many ministers for finance not doing enough to give the people back their money, it’s very sad when a Government doesn't listen to the voice of its people. It's very sad when a Government doesn't listen to its senior citizens; they were the ones developing this Island when these Politicians were students going school both in St. Maarten and abroad.

Why Government keeps distancing itself from the people cries such as a small claims court is needed, increase the minimum wage, house rent on the island is too high, help the pensioner, legalize gypsies, let them pay a fee every month to help build community centres in every district.

And it is time for St. Maarteners to stop protesting on radio and television and put their two feet on the streets and let Government fulfil their demands; always stand in solidarity with your pensioner at all times, tomorrow you too may be a pensioner.

Think tank, think tank, did you hear about Curaçao Government? Oh yes, I heard of the situation BUT read my lips, for all the former Antilles nations to move forward and to be more successful, all the territories should have a political party.

As the MFK party and UP party both the leaders of MFK party and UP party are the people, Nelson Mandela and with Aruba great things can happen for the people.

Cuthbert Bannis

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