Dear Editor,

  I am writing this hoping it sheds light on some very stressful situations facing our locals. I am hoping here to be a voice for the voiceless. When one encounters situations that cause sleepless nights for upright citizens it becomes criminal not to say something and hope improvement will come about. This is about the situation Mrs. Z and several others find themselves in:

  Mrs. Z. is a pensioned disabled lady who seeks answers to her dilemma. This lady ALWAYS keeps up to date with filing her taxes, and seldom if any time during her working years had to be anything additional because she always had enough deductibles in or to be able to get refunds.

  A few years ago she filed for 2015, 2016, and 2017. The tax administration is 3 to 4 years behind, so this year of 2018 Mrs. Z got notice she would be refunded close to NAf. 3,000 for 2015. This she knew prior to that time, and made arrangement with someone that she would pay them for something owed from this refund. Arrangements were made with tax administration and her account was to be checked within 8 weeks for that deposit.

  While awaiting the time to check for the refund, a notice came in the mail that Mrs. Z was to pay an additional NAf. 4,000 for 2016. When this lady went to inquire about collecting her 2015 refund she was told that she owes for 2016, and it would have to be deducted. You can imagine the disappointment.

  Mrs. Z tried to protest, but her account officer was not receptive to anything she was saying. She explained that she was having much difficulty acquiring health insurance, she had her crutches, and tried every way possible way to see if she could get her refund and make the arrangements to start paying for what is owed for 2016.

  Mrs. Z now sees nothing of what she strived so hard to obtain in 2015 and is up to date in filing 2018. Her 2015 benefit is lost and we are sure no mercy will be shown for her regarding how to pay for 2017 and 2018, while obtaining the 2015 refund would have facilitated this process, and relieve the current financial stresses faced by this lady. Once the 2015 refund did what it was intended to do, the path would have been clearer for dealing with what is to come.

  This seems very unfair for a person who is getting the run-around regarding insurance – a person who was told by SZV she would receive a call from SZV, but never did. When she went to find out about SZV’s decision she was given a form to take to Social Affairs after waiting 3 long months for a call regarding the decision. Now Social Affairs is saying that it will take over 4 weeks to obtain a decision from them.

  Here is a person who religiously files her taxes having to wait over 4 months for medical relief. Now we understand why there is often so much noise at SZV.

  Mrs. Z and I are hearing from many social media contacts and their contacts that there is a huge amount of physical, emotional, financial, and mental suffering happening in their circle. Many people are facing a lot of pain. We are willing and able to help in their healing process although they have just about given up all hope. These situations do not make it easy for us to maintain the energy needed to be a support for others.

  We are inviting others who are faced with such circumstances shared above to let their voices be heard. If we do not say something, those who are making these drastic decisions against our self-interest will continue these heartless practices.

  It is time for us to get out of our minds and into our hearts. “The meek shall inherit the earth.”


Name withheld at author’s request.