Dear Editor,

  On the street the opinions concerning the dismissed Minister of VSA are extensive. It would appear to be that he has become “the story”, which should not be the case. What the story should be about is how his dismissal procedure occurred and what it says about the present and future stability of government; after all, that is what is going to affect us and our children moving forward.

  The performance of Ministers is in our constitution entrusted to the governing party. Their range of tasks is wide and the portfolios often very complex and they also have to work in a team which is the COM [Council of Ministers – Ed.]. They deserve, like every employee, to have only one boss! That boss/supervisor/manager should, like any supervisor, be consistent and clear in respect to priorities and their expectations. That boss should not suddenly have the expectations switch on him or her.

  In the political sphere that “boss man” can change at a moment’s notice with a change in majority, but whilst a consistent coalition is in power that should not happen. Any future minister should have the assurance that whilst the coalition that is in power remains in power, the performance targets and the execution plan remains as consistent as possible as long as this “boss” considers the performance satisfactory.

  It cannot suddenly be that a temporary new “boss” terminates the minister.

  The real story is what the governing coalition is doing about remaining consistent in supporting their ministers. The real story should be about whether all political parties are ensuring that their decision-making members are truly on board with their party’s programme and whether or not they will use short-term opportunities to advance their personal views or interests. If prospective ministers cannot be assured of that, we should not be surprised if the very best minister candidates, of whatever political persuasion or ethnic origin, will decline offers in this very difficult area.


Robbie Ferron