Dear Editor,

  Allow me some space in your well-read newspaper to address an issue that can be very detrimental to the future development of our students. We are already in our third week of the 2019-2020 school year and I strongly believe that some of the teachers of St. Dominic High School have already started on the wrong foot.

  Teachers play an important role in the life of their students. A good teacher helps their students to become a good human being in society and a good citizen of the country. Teachers should know that their students are the future of their country, so the future development of any nation is in the hands of teachers. A teacher should be a role model and should bring out the best in their students by encouraging them to strive for greatness.

  Sadly, this is not the case with some of the teachers at the St. Dominic High. Some of these teachers that are supposed to be veterans/well-seasoned in their craft have now resorted to degrading, selfish patterns of speech directed at the students, which is very discouraging to them. Especially students in the final year. How is it a teacher can literally tell you in your final year that you are going to fail, I do not have time to teach you, because I have my own problems to worry about. Refuse to teach a class because a few students are being disruptive. These are just some of the examples of the behavior being exhibited towards the students.

  It is every student’s ultimate goal to succeed, but in such an environment it can be quite difficult.

  St. Dominic High is supposed to be a Catholic faith institution; this surely is not behavior becoming of the faith.

  I do hope and pray that these students have the strength to endure such intolerable behavior and at the end of the day become that well-rounded citizen they strive to become.

  St. Dominic High School, shame on you! Get your act together, wheel your teachers in and give them a crash course in Positivity, Encouragement, Love and Understanding!


Concerned parents

Name withheld at author’s request.