Dear Editor,

  This narrative is not meant to pass any judgment on the developments regarding the “Hapgood” case on Anguilla.

  It is meant to state in a neutral manner, I allege just as the aforementioned individual can use a wide network of high profile global public relations, print and mass media organizations to channel and share his version of the incident that happened at his hotel on Anguilla with such headlines as “Vacation Violence”, by the same token Anguillians, their friends and supporters should have the ability to have freedom of expression, to share their views and break the cycle of pain, rather than internalize it. 

  Truth be told, I allege anyone who viewed those evening news reports and press conferences on the aforementioned incident probably more than likely they came to the conclusion that there was nothing spared, but rather it seemed like an attempt to smear the image of the deceased and the island nation of Anguilla in the court of public opinion ... just saying.

  So, being a former youthful freedom fighter, I have become sensitized to any attempts to calm our folk down, when they should be permitted to express themselves peacefully to let it out, rather than to be pummelled to be calmed down by what appear to be some self-righteous gag orders, because someone has an issue with what they may have to say.

  And I do believe most folk are well aware and do not need to be reminded that the courts will be the ultimate judge in the abovementioned matter. So, in the meantime, there are two sides to every story, so let our folk peacefully have their say.

  Just saying.


Name withheld at author’s request.