Dear Editor,

  Reason we have major fiscal issues, and you do not hear parties’ ideology on economy. Why this is important this will prove that most political parties have the same ideology and it really does not make sense to have all these parties when their ideology is the same. The problem is the character of people in the parties. It is a fact that most political parties in St. Maarten are socialist; I am a capitalist.

  I want to hear ideas on how they intend to grow the economy. I believe in small government, St. Maarten government with its 15-member Parliament which is too large is a waste of time with little if any legislation being put into effect. I want to know or hear their ideology on how they plan to grow the economy. As a capitalist, I believe in reducing regulations and red tape, so entrepreneurs can open businesses much faster.   We must reduce the cost of opening and doing business.

  Reducing income tax in St. Maarten is the best way to create wealth. What people do not understand is that the smaller the  burden people are to government the more funds government will have in their coffers. The more money that remains in the consumer’s hand the easier he or she can qualify for a home or a new business, to buy a new car and to land which is an asset.

  As a capitalist I see issues totally different than most of St. Maarten’s political  parties. While you must collect taxes for government to function, this does not make the population rich. The strategy should be to leave more money the hand of the consumers, then they can save and can spend more, which is what really will boost the economy.

  Politics is all about ideology. When you hear a person’s ideology on the different issues it makes it easier to fish out the jokers from people who can get things done. A question to St. Maarten’s political parties: Do you people know how an economy should function? This is the answer if you do not know, economic growth is driven oftentimes by consumer spending and business investment. If consumers are buying homes, for example, home builders, contractors, and construction workers will experience economic growth.

  Businesses also drive the economy when they hire workers, raise wages, and invest in their business. A company that orders new items or invests in new technologies or equipment, creates jobs, spending, which leads to growth in the economy. Because the governments of the past did a terrible job on fiscal policies, and had no ideology how things should be done, taxes were not corrected properly.

  This challenge creates a bear economy because no new roads were being built and maintained, the bridges and sidewalks along with island beautification were not being maintained. Infrastructure spending also boosts economic growth. St. Maarten governments of the past never saved or invested money properly from the cash flow in the 70s, 80s, 90s when the island was booming. All these matters are about ideology on economy.

  The conclusion is for all parties to know which ideology they believe in, and how they intend to carry out the process. Electorate of St. Maarten, choices have consequences. Choose wisely who you vote for. Selling your vote for $500 can cost the country 500 million in debt for the next 4 years.


The Patriot Miguel Arrindell