Dear Editor, 

  Why do people in government continue to take the people living on Sint Maarten for granted? The voters of Sint Maarten should make sure that the MPs Doran, Richardson, Brison and Emmanuel, who walked out of the  session of Parliament on November 4, to make sure the quorum was broken, even though they knew the significance of the proposal tabled by MP Claude "Chacho Peterson. A proposal which would guarantee the workers of PJIA their pay.

  That is one of the most logical and easiest to-deal-with proposal I have heard on Sint Maarten since 10-10-'10. The question I asked myself was, which of those MPs walked into that meeting with the intention of breaking the quorum? For me that was the most logical thing to do, because voting against that proposal would be political suicide. So, just as I expected, they walked out.

  Nine years is a long time for government not to do anything, and for the those MPs (selected, destined?) to walk out of that meeting; a meeting which would guarantee the workers at the airport – an airport which is still been ridiculed by our visitors – at least one month's pay, is showing heartlessness. 

  January 9, 2020 is just around the corner and we are still being taken for granted. I have googled the term "to be taken for granted". Here is the explanation given: To expect someone or something to be always available to serve in some way, without thanks or recognition".

  I googled it because we tend to lose the significance of words along the way. Why am I mentioning this? It is because for years we have supported certain politicians and even though they have not done anything to better the people's lives on Sint Maarten, the people have still voted for them. So, what do they do?  They take the people for granted. (see definition) I do not vote for a party; I vote for a party program. The people surely have experienced it.

  I am calling this to our attention because I think that they (politicians) who continue to take the people for granted by throwing down the government, even though we are still suffering the consequences of Hurricane Irma, have now given us (the people) the opportunity to bring completely new blood into the government of Sint Maarten. Out with the old and in with the new.

  The proposal that Chacho tabled is literally in the interest of the people of Sint Maarten, and members of the temporary government formed, walked out to avoid having to vote on that proposal just because it did not come from them. So, what about the people who voted for them, do not those people deserve something good? 

  This is again proof that those in government are not for the people but for themselves. We must not be taken for granted any longer. MP William Marlin walked out earlier, that is indeed leading, but in this case leading us to destruction. 


Russell A. Simmons