Dear Queenie,

  My husband and I have been married for about 25 years and things have gotten real boring. There isn’t any passion or romance like we used to have.

  We don’t want to go on like this for the rest of our lives, but we don’t want to be like enemies if we get a divorce. I think we could still stay friends, especially because we have children, but my husband doesn’t think so.

  Queenie, how can we keep our marriage going, or stay friends if we get divorced?—Middle-aged housewife


Dear Housewife,

  There is a good reason for the phrasing of the marriage vows – “for better or worse, … until death do us part”.

  Things change in any relationship, especially after children come along, and basically you have promised to adapt to whatever happens and stay together for the rest of your lives. Maintaining a good relationship requires effort and the ability to adjust to those changes.

  However, if you decide to get divorced you can still stay friends, even if you only do so for your children’s sake. It may not be easy, but it can be done if you both make the effort.