Dear Queenie,

  I have been best friends with a certain person since we were children and I have always been there for her when she had a problem. However, when I had a problem recently she wouldn’t even take time to listen to me.

  Later I tried to tell her how much my feelings were hurt that she wouldn’t even try to help me, but she just got mad at me for being too critical and now she won’t even talk to me.

  Queenie, I don’t expect her to do everything for me like I did for her all those years, but can’t I even expect a little sympathy?—Ex-friend  


Dear Ex-friend,

  Apparently your former friend is better at taking help than giving it. There are many people like this, but you never noticed it until you needed her and she was not there.

  Accept her limitations and hope she gets over being vexed with you.