Dear Queenie,

  I need to plan for when I retire and it would help to know what I will inherit from my parents when they are gone. I’m hoping it won’t be for a long time yet, but it would help me to know what to expect.

  Queenie, would it be okay for me to ask them?—Planning my future


Dear Planning,

  No one should ever expect to inherit anything from their parents or depend on it happening, because anything can happen that will change things unexpectedly, so you should make your plans based on what you can manage for yourself.

  However, it would be a good idea to talk to your parents about what plans they have made for themselves, so you can be prepared to take care of them if they become unable to care for themselves and will know what their wishes are for after they are gone – that is, if they are willing to talk to you about all this. If they are not, drop the subject.