Dear Queenie,

  My husband and I got married after we dated for about 6 months. He comes from another country where customs are much different than in my country. We like different things and doing different things and we don’t agree about what things we should be doing together. Even our ideas about lovemaking are different.

  We live together, but it’s more like we are roommates than husband and wife.

  Queenie, is there any chance we will come to agree more?—Unhappy wife


Dear Wife,

  Have you tried talking to your husband about this? Are you unable to do so and/or is he unwilling, and is that one of your differences? If so, a professional counsellor might be able to help the two of you overcome it.

  However, it is a pity you did not take longer to get to know this man better before you married him. Yours is a good example of the meaning of that old saying “Marry in haste, repent at leisure.”