Dear Queenie,

  My sister was married to a man who cheated on her and they got divorced. Now she is going with a married man who says he is going to divorce his wife so he can marry my sister. She says this time things will be different.

  Queenie, is there anything I can do to stop her?—Worried brother


Dear Brother,

  Some people do not learn from experience and seem doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again. You can point out to your sister that a man who cheats on his wife probably will cheat on his byside, even after (if) she becomes his wife. However, your sister probably will not want to listen to you.

  All you can do is be there for her if things go wrong – and try to refrain from telling her “I told you so”.

  And there is always the possibility that this new man could be the right one for her.