Dear Queenie,

  I had to have surgery recently and my doctor prescribed medication for the pain afterward while I am healing. All my friends have been very helpful, coming over to look after the kids and do the housework and cooking and just keep me company.

  But I have noticed that after one of them leaves, some of my pain pills have gone missing – not many, just 2 or 3, but definitely there are not as many as when I last took a dose, because I keep careful count so I will know when I need to get a refill.

  Queenie, should I talk to this friend or what should I do?—Worried sick friend


Dear Friend,

  From now on, keep your pain pills locked up where your friend cannot get to them.

  As for talking to your friend, do not accuse your friend, but if it will make you feel better just say that you have noticed that some of your pills go missing when that friend visits and suggest that if they are addicted, they should try to get professional help.

  If they admit what they have done and apologise, hopefully it will make you feel a little better about the entire matter. If they do not, do not discuss the matter further and do not get into an argument about it, just change the subject.