Dear Queenie,

  My sister cheated on her husband and they got divorced and now she is living with the man she cheated with. Their son, who is an adult, is totally upset by all this and the rest of our family totally disapproves too.

  So, Queenie, what do we do when we have a family get-together? We won’t invite the ex-husband, but we don’t want to invite the new boyfriend either, so as not to upset her son, my nephew, and because we don’t approve of her relationship with him.—Disgusted brother


Dear Brother,

  I understand your feelings about this “other man”, but he is part of your sister’s life now, so I suggest you invite him to these get-togethers. It will be easier for your nephew to get used to having him around and to learn to at least be polite to him if he has his other relatives around supporting him and setting a good example.