GEORGETOWN, Guyana--The government of Guyana has confirmed that the unilaterally appointed Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission GECOM, retired Justice James Patterson has demitted office.

  According to a government press release, President David Granger met on Tuesday morning with former GECOM Chairman Patterson, who has since demitted office.

  President Granger thanked Patterson for his service over the past 20 months. The former GECOM Chair resigned on Monday, June 24, thereby rendering that post vacant.

  The decision by the former GECOM Chair to demit office is in keeping with the ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) that his appointment was “flawed” and thereby unconstitutional.

  The government of Guyana reiterates its acceptance of the CCJ ruling in the case of Zulfikar Mustafa and the Attorney General of Guyana and the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission.

  Justice Patterson was appointed as GECOM Chair in October 2017. ~ iNews Guyana ~