ST. EUSTATIUS--Lisandro ‘San’ Redan left the island on Saturday, September 7, and travelled to Miami. Lisandro was invited to participate in the trials for an NBA development team taking place on Sunday, September 8, and Monday, September 9th. 

  Lisandro’s coach, Miguel  ‘Diker’ Chiverton of  Diker Sports Training Academy Foundation, explained that Lisandro will be tested on his shooting skills, jumping, speed and also his dribbling talent. Lisandro will also be required to play a five-on-five game to test the level of his game.

  If he performs well on Sunday, he will gain entry to the trials on Monday. The Public Entity of Sint Eustatius has assisted this young station athlete with his travel cost and daily allowance.

  Carol Jack-Roosberg, Director of Society and Welfare, joined Sharin Redan, Lisandro's mother, at the F. D. Roosevelt airport to see Lisandro off. ‘We wish Lisandro all the very best and encourage him to make optimal use of the great opportunity, Director Jack-Roosberg said

  The Daily Herald sat down and spoke with Lisandro. He returned to the island in January, and a couple of months after he started training.

   “One night I was playing basketball and coach Miguel approached me and told me that I have some skills and that he could help me improve. From there we started training.”

  Lisandro said what really kicked it into another gear was when the St. Kitts basketball team was brought to the island by the DSTA. The St. Kitts team approached Lisandro and told him that they saw great potential in him and invited him to play with them.

  He played with the St. Kitts team in their International competition.

  When DSTA took the St. Eustatius team to compete in the Battle of the Fittest on St. Maarten in July, Lisandro played for St. Eustatius.

   Lisandro said, “I gained further experience and more motivation to do better because more was expected from me.”

   The dream of playing in the NBA has been a dream of Lisandro since he was a child.

  Lisandro thanked Deputy Government Commissioner Mervyn Stegers, Director Carol Jack-Roosberg, his mother and all others who have helped him with each step along the way. He extended his thanks to coach Miguel, “Without you, I couldn’t have accomplished this.”

  On Sunday, Lisandro learned that he made the team. He is expected to return to the island on Wednesday and will travel back to Miami on September 20.