Time is up for motorists who did not pay their road tax yet. Relevant traffic controls have started and those found in violation will not only be fined but have their vehicles towed, with all inconvenience and added cost that brings.

There is really no excuse to be in such a position at this point. After all, three weeks have passed since the payment deadline.

The entire 50th Carnival anniversary slogan on the number plates saga has created a different dimension. Police must now check for the 2019 plates as well as stickers inside the windshield provided for people who prefer to keep their old plates on the car because they don’t want to be used to promote Carnival in that way.

Drivers who choose the latter option should also understand that their chance of being stopped for a closer inspection is probably bigger. This unusual situation obviously does not make the task of law enforcement easier.

As a matter of fact, authorities will have to be extra vigilant, because there are already indications of possible irregularities with the new stickers. As all motorists get one, those of persons who don’t mind this year’s plates could end up on the windshields of other cars carrying old plates but for which no road tax has been paid, making effective control difficult at best.

To be sure, this newspaper is by no means advocating these kinds of illegal practices, but just pointing out the danger of some abusing the current system to evade their fiscal responsibility in this manner. Anyone contemplating such should not forget either that there are still more than nine months left for them to get caught and even if they don’t, questions will be asked when applying for a 2020 licence plate.

Apart from being very wrong, it’s simply not worth the risk.