Pisces-born managing director and Hall of Fame Production lead Zumba instructor Learie Hall stunned the audience and captured judges’ hearts to win the first event Mr. Genuine Quality (GQ) pageant, held at Emilio Wilson Park on Saturday, March 30. St. Maarten’s first- ever Mr. GQ winner is here to tell us what he’s up to since his big win.

  1. What are your official pageant title(s)?

Mr. Orgasmic Beach Body 2017 and Mr. Genuine Quality (GQ) 2019.

  1. Which new titles/crowns are you going for? Where?

During my reign, I’ll be vying for two new crown titles: Mr. GQ International August 3rd, 2019 – Nevis. Mr. World August 23rd, 2019 – Philippines

  1. How are you preparing yourself for these new roles?

Preparation for the pageant has been one of absolute dedication and commitment. Constant development on various levels; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Nevertheless, I embrace the journey positively as I am giving it my all to capture the title.

  1. Are you working with other team members? How do they help to get you ready?

Preparing for a pageant is never an easy task. However, with the help of my director, Anna Richardson and the Posh Productions Team, we continue to work vigorously on confirming  sponsors and donations to ensure Sint Maarten delivers a performance to remember.

  1. What’s motivating you to achieve these new goals?

The youths of St. Maarten are my motivation. The goal is to emerge as a positive role model and further inspire the youth to set goals. With an emphasis on young men, we are gearing to launch the Bow Tie Club, connecting fatherless boys with positive men within our community, who are committed to being a positive influencer in their lives.

My journey and achievements will show the youths, especially the boys, you can be anything you want in life. As well as being a gentleman will earn you more respect from the community.

Our youths are our future and we must lead them in the right way. I would like to leave a footprint in the pathway, so the next generation of men will be proud to represent their island as proud as I am.

  1. What is your platform, i.e. what are you trying to bring awareness to?

"My platform is Good Health and Wellbeing". The platform is self-explanatory. As a certified Zumba Instructor, I diligently work to bring awareness to healthier decisions. This is not only physically, but also mentally.  Mental health affects many throughout the world. As a man, I also know that society makes it difficult for men to be upfront and honest about their mental state. Many suffer from personality disorders, anxiety and depression, and these hidden disorders affect their lives tremendously.

More campaigns of awareness and treatment need to be launched and championed to aid those who are crying and dying silently.

  1. How does that tie into your motivation?

Knowing that I brought much more awareness to the situation. It would be less of a taboo topic and people who are struggling with these issues would feel more confident in asking for help.

  1. If you win all your titles, how do you plan to spread your message?

Creating a campaign that champions my platform, and will touch everyone around the world who can relate or is affected. Activities that will address the state of mental illness.

  1. Again, if you win, what are the next steps you plan to take?

Being the first representative of Sint Maarten, the steps that follow is to be a part of the team that prepares the next candidate for stage, and ensure he maintains his philanthropic duties.

  1. Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I am excited about competing in the 2019 Mr. World pageant. I’m elated to be the first to represent Sint Maarten.... it’s an honour!

  1. Bonus: If the public wants to support you, how can they?

I am asking everyone to join the official social media partner of Mr. WORLD pageant; MobStar. This app is created for all the contestants and gives you, friends, family and fans, the opportunity to follow my journey and cast your vote for me. Please stay updated with my posts and remember to “swipe right” to like each one.