Nature Foundation, together with Buccaneer Beach Bar and the Wastefactory Sint Maarten, is hosting another “fintastic” shark event this upcoming Saturday – fun for the entire family, and especially for kids!


There will be lots of free, sharkmazing activities such as colouring, moulding with clay, and fun quizzes. You can even get your face painted, wear shark tattoos, and dress in costume as a hammerhead or great white shark!

There will be a special Sharksome Scavenger Hunt for all ages! The first 50 kids to complete it will receive a shark goodie bag.

For a donation of $5 to cover costs, kids can also make cool shark art from waste-items, under the guidance of Wastefactory.

You’ll be able to earn raffle tickets by participating in the activities, and there are great prizes to be won!

Kids can try the Shark Strong Drink for extra energy, so that you can keep on swimming. For the adults, there will be Shark and Stormy Cocktails for $6 – proceeds will be donated to the foundation.

Why is there a Shark Week?

Around the world, pressure from fishing translates to around 100 million sharks being killed each year, mostly for products such as shark fin soup and shark steaks. The cruel act of finning sharks (which sometimes involves cutting the fins off live sharks) and selling shark products is pushing sharks to the brink of extinction.

Sharks shouldn’t be seen as scary, but as important contributors to the ecosystem. They are also important to the local community as they attract dive tourism. Sharks keep the reefs clean of unhealthy fish, keeping the ecosystem in balance.

If we didn’t have sharks, we would lose our coral reef ecosystem, along with everything that depends on it, such as fisheries, dive tourism and beach tourism.

During Shark Week, Nature Foundation spreads the word, especially to children. The foundation has been organising Shark Week successfully for over three years, with the generous support of the Dutch Postcode Lottery as part of the Save our Sharks project.

This three-year project has come to an end and all funding has been used effectively. However, due to continued public interest, Nature Foundation has decided to extend the event! The foundation hopes to see you at Kids Shark Day this Saturday, June 22, from 1:00 to 4:00pm at Buccaneer Beach Bar in Simpson Bay. Donations are welcome. All activities are free of charge except for the art workshop.