Are you between the ages of eight and 18? If yes, make a video for the “Ready, Set, Prepare!” video competition hosted by UNICEF Netherlands. Winning videos will receive a prize kit with UNICEF gear, educational items and fun gift certificates, such as movie tickets valued at $300.

To kick off the competition last weekend, UNICEF Netherlands hosted a video-workshop during which participants learned about UNICEF, hurricane preparedness and creating a video with a phone.

The teens were a great help and took on the roles of directors and videographers – guiding the younger kids who preferred to be the actors/actresses through the video-making process.

Get your friends, siblings and family together to create a video too!

What is the idea behind the videos?

We want to involve the youth more in hurricane preparedness so we are asking YOU to create a fun and informational video for us with the theme: Be prepared for hurricane season!

What should your video look like?

The video should be a maximum of three minutes and kid-friendly (keep it PG). Also remember to record in a quiet area so that the sound is clear.

When is the deadline?

Send your video to us by June 30 – so you have a week and a half! Send your completed video to or via Whatsapp: +1 (721) 523-3134.

What are we using your videos for?

We hope your videos will encourage youngsters (and their families) to be more involved in hurricane preparedness. We will share your videos on our social media pages and other channels.

If you have more questions, you can visit our UNICEFsxm page on Facebook, send an email to or call/Whatsapp: +1 (721) 523-3134.