UPDATE: In our last edition of the KIDS Herald, we announced the library's Fun Filled Summer Programme. Unfortunately, in the meantime, the programme has been cancelled due to not enough people signing up. While the Philipsburg Jubilee Library was sad to make this announcement, it still encourages youngsters to come visit the library and explore its book collection. See details below.


Original article:

School’s out! What are you planning to do all summer? It’s time to do fun activities outdoors, but it’s also great to continue learning in a fun way. Some kids will be travelling to a new place or visiting family abroad. For others, summer programmes will get you up and off the couch!

Philipsburg Jubilee Library is once again hosting its annual Fun Filled Summer Programme. The registration fee is NAf. 215 or $120 per child and registration ends tomorrow, Thursday, July 4, so don’t wait too long to decide!

The programme is open to both primary and secondary school students, inviting them to stay active both mentally and physically in a creative and educational setting. It will bring kids together to connect with books as well as the library, to discuss books and do fun activities.

You’ll also learn team-building skills and build confidence. Not to mention, staying active will make it easier to get back into the rhythm when school starts again next schoolyear.

If you’ve been reading the newspaper lately, you may have seen some exciting library-news: The Island Gems Charity Foundation provided funds for the library to be able to add 200 titles to its online catalogue, mainly books for kids and young adults. The catalogue now has 1,000 books!

Anyone, who has a library card, can access these books on an iPad or tablet, for example. A library card costs NAf. 25 or just under $14 for a whole year.

The programme runs July 8 through July 31, and is open to ages seven to 18. Visit the library at the Adolphus Richardson Building, W. J. A. Nisbeth Road #3, in Philipsburg to register.