Sharlien Esposa wears two important hats: She spends most of her time combating crime as a law enforcement officer and in her spare time focuses her energies on co-managing Secret Dance Club, which is located above the casino at Princess Port de Plaisance and Casino in Cole Bay. Esposa, who loves entertainment as much as she loves law enforcement, said she always dreamt of managing a dance club so when she got the opportunity, she did not hesitate. When she shared her dreams with Port de Plaisance hotel manager, she was encouraged to pursue it. Secret Dance Club is a facility that caters to a mature crowd – a crowd not many cater to when it comes to nightclubs. It is a place where adults can enjoy good, clean entertainment. Esposa said she was happy to get involved in enhancing the facility as she believes more effort should be made to cater to mature audiences in the country. She aims to continue spreading the word and let the target audience know there is a place for them when they want to have a clean night of dancing. “My big goal is to let all our lovely people know that Secret Dance Club is the place for them to go every week to enjoy themselves. It is a great place that has air-conditioning and lots of parking space and security all around. And every week we have your favourite band playing.” Esposa describes herself as a hardworking woman, who loves to set goals and work hard to achieve them. She is a conqueror, who knows exactly what she wants out of life. She was born in Curaçao where she received her early years of education and worked for 21 years with premature babies at St. Elisabeth Hospital SEHOS. Someone who also loves beauty and skincare, she later studied facial skincare in Puerto Rico. Esposa eventually studied law enforcement before taking up her current post as a law enforcement officer on Sint Maarten. Esposa is grateful for the “great support” of her family, friends and colleagues that enables her to effectively manage all the responsibilities in her life. She said she feels blessed and happy and is thankful to God for giving her good parents who groomed her well, and moulded her into the woman she is today and for blessing her with three beautiful children and two precious grandchildren. Outside of work, Esposa loves to dance. She enjoys listening to bachata and zouk, and urges adults looking for clean and fun entertainment to visit Secret Dance Club to have an unforgettable time.

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