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This is the month of graduations! The occasion, where family members fly in from all over to gather together to support the one graduating, is a very special affair. As such, an after-party (geared around the ankle-biters and wrink-lies) means going to a celebratory dinner where all ages can enjoy the occasion before the teens head on out to play.

In the case of this graduation family event, the chosen restaurant was Ginger. Ginger is a very accommodating family restaurant where everyone is certain to enjoy their meal – from tot to teen, to parent and even grandparent. The restaurant is small, but there has been another section added fairly recently which can take extended tables – and this is where we all squeezed in along with a high-chair and a stroller! Oh yes; and the wine cooler stands. The sushi prep area runs the length of the restaurant. Oriental décor, small but good wine list and quick service score big here.

The wait staff came to order drinks, family kept arriving, everyone moved up a bit more, more folk came over, the smallest ones sat on various visitors’ laps, back to parents, back to another cousin, a glass was knocked over and quickly the staff were there to mop it up! In other words, a normal, happy bunch partaking of a meal together with much laughter and fun; the graduate feeling a little overwhelmed and parents of the young wanting to eat soonest to get the wee ones back home to bed. And very quickly their food did arrive.

Salmon had been ordered; it arrived quickly exactly as ordered – a tad underdone and no sauce – just perfect. In the meantime, small plates of edamame and eggplant arrived. Both of these were excellent but the eggplant is worthy of a mention. These perfectly fried slices are sublime with or without the sauce that arrives with them. Another starter that is delicious is the scallion pancakes. These are tasty, not so greasy and crisply fried. More wine, more laughter and the main course arrived.

All the teens/young adults ordered sushi (as can be expected in a sushi restaurant, of course) a huge boat was brought to the table filled with rows of the ordered rolls. It is an amazing sight. Presentation is of utmost importance, and the eye-appeal of Ginger’s dishes rates uppermost. Other adults ordered the garlic shrimp and salmon and special sushi rolls.

Suddenly, there was a lull in conversation – as there is when everyone’s mouth is full – the lull did not last naturally. No one had room for dessert that evening. Ginger is highly recommended, yet again, by all ages.

How wonderful to spend time with the graduate and family and friends. Congratulations to all those who have made it through to their final school year!

Sushi is a Japanese food consisting of cooked vinegary rice combined with other ingredients, seafood, vegetables and sometimes tropical fruits. Sushi is often served with ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. Raw fish (or occasionally other meat) sliced and served without rice is called “sashimi.” The earliest written mention of sushi in English is in an 1893 book, “A Japanese Interior” where it mentions sushi as “a roll of cold rice with fish, sea-weed, or some other flavouring.”

Ginger Sushi & Grill

Paradise Mall, Cole Bay

Phone: 1 (721) 544-4573

Cuisine: Authentic Sushi/Sashimi

Vegetarian/Vegan: Possible

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 5:00pm onwards; Saturday/Sunday 1:00pm onwards


Staff friendliness *****        

Service speed  ***** 

Restaurant cleanliness ****  

Food quality    *****             

Value for money *****                     

Ambience        ****               

Health-15 Kids-14






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