Sunset Beach Babe Rosi Fernandez is excited about having won the August 20 competition from among a bevy of eight beautiful women. A former dental assistant, who currently volunteers at Trisport, Rosi tells us more about herself and the competition in this week’s Hot Seat.

Who is Rosi Fernandez?

I’m an island girl who was born in the Dominican Republic. My parents brought me to this beautiful island at the age of four. I attended Leonald Conner (former Leonard Conner) School and Milton Peters College. I now have the Dutch nationality and speak English, French, Spanish and Dutch – thanks to St. Maarten. I’m a fun-loving person who loves to stay active, but I also enjoy my quiet moments at times.

What inspired you to enter the Sunset Beach Babe Competition?

My friends and boyfriend Yoan told me to join because they believed it suited who I am – a real beach babe.

How do you feel being named winner?

I’m very proud of winning the contest, especially because I’d decided that this would be my last competition at Sunset Beach Bar. I’ve done quite a few competitions there and am very grateful to have won, seeing that it’s my last. And when you think about it, there are no other beach babe contests on the island; so I’m officially St. Maarten’s beach babe for the moment.

What went through your mind when you heard your name announced as winner?

I was so excited that tears came to my eyes. I literally went blank and just cried and didn't know what else to do.

Please elaborate on the various segments of your performance?

We first did the qualifications round, where the top three girls qualified for the finals. I placed third. On the day of the finals, all of the contestants went on stage together in a Sunset swimsuit, which was covered in a white cape. I presented my Sunset swimwear by modelling and trying to get the crowd’s attention and I was lucky that lots of people came to support me. For the final round, we used our own swimsuits.

I chose a yellow swimsuit to represent Sunset Beach Bar and I presented it the best I could. I walked up with a colourful beach wrap, and when I took it off, I sprinkled some really small diamond stars and hearts in front of me. I modelled in a classy way and showed off the body I had worked really hard for at the gym. I applied the advice that was given to me, and on that final round, I kept thinking about having fun during the competition.

What do you think gave you the edge over the other contestants?

I really believe that it's all the hard training that I do regularly with my trainer Simeon. Since I’ve been working out with him, I’ve been placing in every competition I enter.

I also made sure I got the best makeup artist – Magali. I knew she would make me stand out on that stage.

Were you nervous on stage?

I wasn’t nervous on stage. It’s not the first time I’ve been on stage – especially at Sunset Beach Bar – and all the support of my friends made me feel comfortable.

What do you as the winner plan to do to promote beach babes?

I am trying to grow my Instagram @fernandez_rosi sharing lots of beach pictures. I also plan to start sharing a few videos of my favourite workouts and get some nice pictures at Sunset Beach Bar. Hopefully, they will love one enough to use it for promotional purposes.

What was the winning prize?

I won US $2,500 in cash sponsored by Motorworld, a $400 certificate from Pandora, an iPhone 6S and one month of pole dance classes.

What is your advice to future contestants?

My advice to them is to try and work out to keep good body proportions. Be open-minded and friendly. Make friends with your competitors. It’s very important to take every advice you get from anyone who sees you on stage to make sure the next time you go on stage, you make no mistakes.

What other competitions can we expect to see you at in the future?

I am open-minded when it comes to competitions. If I feel like it is one that I will do well in, then I will try it.

Future goals?

I have so many goals that I can write a book; but to make it short, my goals are to make the best of every moment possible and to stay positive and progress in everything I do.

What other competitions have you entered in the past?

I have mostly entered bikini competitions, but there is one I will never forget: I was in Australia and we went out to a nightclub and there was a sexy girl walking around taking people's names. My boyfriend asked her why she was writing names and she said it was for a bikini contest. He believes in me so much that he signed me up without me even knowing. I went on stage and didn't know anyone in that club, but for some reason, the crowd loved me and I won first place with a cash price of US $500. I definitely wasn't expecting that.


Outdoor activities, travelling, training and eating.

Pet peeve?

People who are always complaining and angry.

What’s your favourite type of music?

I love music in general. I don't have a favourite type. It can go from techno to reggae to RnB, it just depends on my mood. These days I have been listening to a lot of Bruno Mars and I have always loved Pink.

If you could ask any three persons (dead or alive) to a dinner party, who would they be and what would you cook for them?

This is simple. I need Yoan to always be at my dinner table as he is such an interesting person and he’ll keep the table lively. I would invite my parents: my mom is like paparazzi – always taking pictures that I would rather not see, but they are good memories; and my dad is just cool and relaxed for every situation. I would probably also find a way to sneak in my brother and sister. My brother and I love teaming up and teasing my sister on whatever we can. It just adds a little drama to the table. I would cook Spanish food: white rice, stewed beans and chicken. It’s simple, but I know we would all enjoy our meals.

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