The TelEm Group will be giving away lots of cool prizes including the latest mobile phones, and have a huge surprise at the grand launch of its 4G LTE mobile data service this Friday, September 1, from 6:00pm until 1:00am on the Boardwalk.

“The launch of our 4G LTE network is an amazing milestone,” TelEm Group Manager of Marketing and Sales Grisha Marten told Out ‘N About. “We have put a lot of energy into making it a success so we encourage the public to come out and celebrate with us in a huge way. Come out and try our 4G LTE high speed data service, take part in the excitement and leave this event feeling like a winner.”

The launch party will feature high-end mobile phone giveaways, such as iPhone 7s and Samsung 8s every hour and a midnight special that attendees won’t want to miss out on. There will be bands and DJs, games and a host of additional entertainment the entire night, TelEm Representative Cheryl Rismay told Out n About.

Rismay said thousands are expected to attend: “The crowd will be entertained with an exciting assortment of DJ sets, live bands, other entertainers and fun-filled contests where members of the public have a chance to take home a brand new iPhone7 or Samsung 8 every hour of the party. You will have to participate in exciting games to win phones.”

Don’t keep the kids at home as there will be some fun, games, giveaways, and a place for the children to play at the event.

Rismay said TelCell is unable to disclose the midnight surprise, but stressed that the public has to come out to benefit. “We will, however, have a Top-Up special which will be announced during the evening and only available on site. This is a free event for one and all to enjoy, whether you’re a subscriber or not. There will be loads of activities so the location will be well staffed to ensure that everyone is properly accommodated,” Rismay added.

The party line-up for the event is great: At 6:00pm, The Cut Creator Dj Outkast will be entertaining; 7:00pm the first mobile phone will be given away; 7:10pm the SMS Experience Band will play; 8:00pm and 9:00pm there will be more mobile phone giveaways; also at 9:00, the Soualiga Drum Band will perform; 9:30pm Musicology and Fred York will take the stage; there will be another mobile phone giveaway at 10:30pm; 10:40pm Mix Master Pauly will be at the turntables; 11:00pm there will be another mobile phone giveaway; 11:05pm will be a video launch of the 4G LTE service; 11:10pm Control Band will rock the crowd; 11:59pm there would be a countdown and a surprise giveaway; at 12:15am Control Band will rock the crowd until the curtains close on the party. 

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