“The faith walk is not for the faint-hearted

I'd be lyin' if I said it ain't hard

It's not all glitz and glamour, we might stammer

But ain't fallin', it ain't August, we ain't artists”

Driving. Thinking. Light bulb moment.

Getting in shape and Christianity have similar requirements. Now, before you think I’m crazy (Okay I always think I’m crazy, but still...) just keep reading.

As a coach at Colosseum SXM, one of the things I hear people say all the time is that they want to get themselves in shape before they start CrossFit. Another thing I hear people say is, “Let me get my eating in order first and then I’ll join.” Two things that just make me want to go “Hush yuh mout”.

Firstly, CrossFit is not the torture that many people think it is, and secondly, we have levels that your 12-year-old child can do, your 99-year-old Grandmother can do and everything in between. So, instead of taking a month and trying to get in shape before you start, why don’t you just start and go at a pace you can manage. #NoExcuses

Oh, you need to get your diet right first. No! (I mean okay, you can if you want to) Trust me, if you dive right in and commit, your body will begin to require more and more of what it needs to function at this new capacity, and this will be the optimum time to give it to it. Also, you will be in an environment with other members and coaches, who will be able to guide you along this new journey. #NoExcuses 

We can always find ways (sometimes it’s really smart and logical ways) to wiggle out of the things we are supposed to do, or the things we should be doing. That’s why sometimes before the excuses can surface, you just need to dive right into that thing.

As someone who has been a youth leader and who considers herself to be rather spiritual, I’ve seen this exact same concept play out in the spiritual context.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that they want to “get their lives together” before they commit to God. From a rational perspective, I totally get it. Before I invite this Greatness to my house, let me clean up a bit first. That’s a crafty, crafty excuse though; because most times they never get their “houses” “clean enough” for such company.

You see, if you invited the company over and set a date and time, you’d have all the motivation needed to do what needs to be done. It’s no longer “this needs to happen soon”; it becomes “this needs to happen now.” Commitment is an amazing motivator. #NoExcuses

The same level of crafty excuses happens to persons who are more seasoned in the faith as well. We can sometimes find ourselves in extremely low places and it becomes a challenge to pray from those places. “I don’t want to approach God while I’m in this place.” “Let me get things back on track before I waste His time again.” Crafty. Rational. Crafty!

It’s crazy how the very thing you’re trying to talk yourself out of doing, is the same thing you need to do to solve the issue. It is shitty to be in a low place and it can even be embarrassing. Like, how did I get here? Me? However, it’s so, so much easier to pull yourself out of that spot with the help and motivation of God, versus trying to get out on your own before coming back to Him.

I approached a young lady about taking some pictures the other day for an upcoming project. It was a stepping-out-of-the-comfort zone moment for her. I showed her the concept via text and she went to her mirror to test it out. She couldn’t see the vision. She couldn’t see what I was seeing. “Don’t psych yourself out!” I had to tell her that because I did not want her to pass up on a great opportunity, because she couldn’t see the vision (also I didn’t want to lose out on photographing her, LOL). I’m coming to the shoot as a professional photographer, with a professional make-up artist and hairstylist. I needed her to trust that “we got you”.

Sometimes all we need in life seems to be a little commitment and a little faith. #NoExcuses

*Cues Faith Walk by Swoope ft. Nicole Serrano*