“Lecrae sell a million records

And my name don’t get mentioned in the review

It don’t matter, get the W

’Cause even players on the bench get rings too”

I was sitting at a church service on Sunday and I thought to myself, “What are you depriving people of when you present them an incomplete service?” Now this is in no way a knock on this church that I went to, but seeing them in operation did raise some mental red flag and of course light bulbs.

It was a small church, so at one point when I heard the pastor call up the executive board, I was like “Oh!” It’s great on one hand to have structure set in place despite your size, but on another hand, maybe there are more important things to focus on. You see so many people get caught up in titles that you wonder if this board is effective or just for show.

What raised the main red flag for me was to see that the board was made up of older people, like grandmother-aged people. Again, it’s not a knock on the church. You make do with what you have and who is available, but it is still questionable. How effective are they at reaching people through social media (one of the main mediums to reach people in this time). How are they going to reach the youth and how much are they adapting versus being stuck in tradition.

I’ve seen and heard of many older leaders that are “waiting on God”. WAIT! Don’t revoke my Faith Card as yet. I am not saying that there is an issue with waiting on God. However, if you’re just waiting on God, not putting in any work and not putting things in place to stimulate growth; then it’s all really just counterproductive.

You’d think I’d be paying attention to what the pastor was saying, but my brain was analysing all the finer details of this setup.

Sometimes, people start smaller churches – and that’s cool – but they lack so many resources that you wonder if they are depriving their members of much needed essentials? I’ve seen pastors who’ve just wanted to be a lead man, not wanting to team up with anyone else or be under anyone. Does that type of selfishness ultimately hurt the organization and its followers? And that brings me to basketball...

As much as Kyrie wanted to lead his own team (I mean that is why he left LeBron right?) he still realized that he needed help. Boom. Bam. KD and Kyrie team up in Brooklyn.

Kawhi kind of broke the mould with what he did in Toronto. He was the sole superstar on the team and led them to a championship. But to give the Raptors some respect, he joined the perfect situation. Unless you have the perfect cast, one man shows almost never work. He was surrounded with seasoned players that had been through the wringer, came up from the G-League and had formed the perfect nucleus prior to him coming there. Help is always needed.

I don’t know. With the way things work in this day and age, you’d think it would be more or most efficient to pool resources and not try to play the “let me do me” game. Especially when you’re a leader or someone who’s offering a service, only the people in your sphere really suffer – and that, my friend, isn’t the point of operation.

Resumes thinking...

*Siri, play #SameTeam Remix by Swoope ft. Asaiah Ziv, Taelor Gray, Jackie Hill-Perry, JGivens, Alex Faith & KB*