Why is it that reserved people, folks you would normally never see on the dance floor, would somehow find the courage to get up and shake their booty at a wedding reception? There is something about a wedding that is liberating, the normal walls and rules of behaviour fall away and we just let go.

The magic of a wedding is the celebration of life, knowing the circle continues; the past is prologue and here we go again. You think and you drink. What do you drink? Champagne! What do you think? Love is not a fairy tale. It involves sacrifice and compromise, frustrations and challenges. But however difficult the situation, when it is meant to be, it is worth fighting for – and worth dancing about!

We’ve all seen it when friends and family have tied the knot – we see the ceremony so traditional and respectful; we see the gleeful exit, the tossing of rice or birdseed, the bubbles, and then we go to the reception hall for food, drink, toasts and music.

First the bride and groom take to the floor; they share their first dance as husband and wife. This is usually a waltz or some romantic slow dance. They gaze into each other’s eyes with smiles that won’t stop. We all sigh watching this love unfold before our eyes. Then comes the traditional dance with the parents of the couple; sometimes the bride dances with her father-in-law while the groom nervously shuffles up to his new mother-in-law and asks her to join him on the dance floor. Whether a band or a deejay is the source of the tunes, invariably the mood shifts from heartfelt sentimentality to “Hey gang! Let’s party like there’s no tomorrow!”

After a few drinks, a brave soul or three will find their way to the middle of the floor to show the rest how it’s done. Before long, all those who would normally sit on the sidelines are drawn to be a part of the fun. Here’s where the real amazement starts. The elderly uncles, the stodgy old geezers come out and clap hands, bounce, sway and sometimes even find the beat! You can see some dance moves that have been hidden away for decades suddenly stealing the show!

Again, who knows the real reason behind this phenomenon? But I’m glad it exists. It’s a strong symbol of the joy of the day and the specialness of the occasion that everyone – EVERYONE – feels inspired to dance, to cast away inhibitions and worries, forget sadness and celebrate the new love and all the promises of the future. So be the brave soul that leads the others to the floor, and dance like nobody’s watching!