Was I the only person dumbfounded by the images of Melania and her husband de-boarding from Air Force One in Hamburg, Germany, on Thursday for the G-20 summit? Forget him, or try to, but with regard to her; what is up with that dress? My first and immediate thought was that, from the back, it looked like a bar code pattern, like someone could scan it with a laser gun and get a ton of information about god-knows-what.

I’m normally not into fashion, but every now and then I find myself just gobsmacked and this is one of those times.

So I pondered the why and how of this unlikely fashion choice and … okay, maybe I obsessed about it for a few hours on Thursday night while watching news-show after news-show (these are difficult times, guys) and I have two theories on the dress. 1: The pattern of coloured stripes on this horrific dress does indeed contain a secret coded message, perhaps to the Russians (this gels well with my personal conspiracy theory that she is a spy for them, don’t tell me she doesn’t look like a Bond villain). Or 2: Her stylist hates her.

Either way, I feel now is the time to resist!

                                    Until next weekend,

                                                ~ Lisa

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