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OM Spokesperson G. Bernadina

PHILIPSBURG--In light of the ongoing investigation code-named “MARS” a house search took place on Tuesday, February 21 early in the morning in Dutch Quarter.

 The investigation was led by the Prosecutor’s Office in collaboration with members of the Police Force (KPSM) and the Detectives Cooperation Team (RST) and in the presence of an investigative Judge. During the search the suspect K.K.K.S. (31) was arrested.

 She is suspected in the MARS-investigation into the disappearance of the two men S. L. Sarante-Diaz and E. Rosario. Both men were last seen in the afternoon of Monday, December 5 2016 in the vicinity of Simpson Bay Resort at "Pelican". Since then, nothing was heard from them.

Digital data carriers and documents were also confiscated during the search.In connection with this investigation another suspect, T.F. (27), was arrested during a house search in the Belvedere area on February 16, 2017.

This search was also led by the Prosecutor’s Office and in collaboration with members of KPSM and RST and in the presence of a judge of Instruction. There also several goods were confiscated.

 T.F. is currently in detention pending further investigation. Both suspects are in restrictive custody.

The aircraft returned to SXM

AIRPORT--It seems like Curaçao-based carrier InselAir just cannot get a break. The leased Boeing 737 of Venezuela's Estelar Airlines suffered technical issues shortly after taking off from St. Maarten on Sunday and the pilots had to return to Princess Juliana International Airport SXM.

  The plane had already been parked on the apron Saturday due to a problem that was being fixed. Passengers therefore spent an extra night on the island.

  It happened again the next day, however. Apparently there was still an unresolved shortcoming and the plane turned around, landing safely.

News coming out of the Routes Americas conference in Las Vegas last week seems relatively positive for St. Maarten/St. Martin. Southwest Airlines is supposedly serious about adding Princess Juliana International Airport SXM to its ongoing expansion into the Caribbean in 2018, although there are a number of conditions on which work must start immediately.

The importance of this new airlift possibly out of Fort Lauderdale should not be underestimated, considering the carrier’s extensive reach into parts of the US where the destination’s current market share certainly leaves room for growth. The Northeastern seaboard, particularly the tri-state area, has always been the main source of visitors to the island, but targeting other American regions more through the availability of favourable connections makes all the sense in the world.

Also JetBlue’s service to the destination appears to be going well. Here too flights from Fort Lauderdale are an option, but solid commitments will require further discussion.

The end of the carrier’s flights from Puerto Rico last year was regretted for obvious reasons, but the arrangement with Seaborne Airline is said to be satisfactory. The latter has announced increasing the frequency to daily on the San Juan-SXM route for the rest of the year, which could mean a drop in fares but also enhanced service and reliability.

Of course, the reality remains that flights will only start and be maintained as long as there is sufficient demand. That’s why ensuring “The Friendly Island” continues to offer a good product is essential.

What also help are new developments and attractions that create interest among travellers, such as Rainforest Adventure Park. It’s therefore highly desirable to provide clarity on other major ventures that remain pending such as the “Pearl of China” at Belair and the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL) US $100-150 million project at the harbour sooner rather than later not just locally, but for key stakeholders abroad that contribute to the tourism economy.

“Another one bites the dust” was among comments heard following Sunday’s confirmation that the US Party’s intended Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication (TEATT) Cecil Nicholas did not pass the required screening (see related story). After all, the main reason the NA/UP coalition originally formed right after last year’s election failed to materialise was said to be problems with one or more of the latter party’s candidate cabinet members.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti--Dozens of emaciated men with sunken cheeks and protruding ribs lie silently in an infirmary at Haiti’s largest prison, most too weak to stand. The corpse of an inmate who died miserably of malnutrition is shrouded beneath a plastic tarp.

Still from video of men saving the family.

PARAMARIBO--Four delivery men are being hailed as heroes after saving a mother and her two children from drowning last week. Political party VHP first presented them with a certificate of appreciation and some money. And over the weekend a foundation announced that it will also be giving them a monetary award for their heroics.

  Amrish Mathoera, Giovanni Blankendaal, Lorenzo Dickson and Narin Dawtal were travelling over Wayamboweg in District Saramacca in their company’s delivery truck on Wednesday February 15, when the passenger vehicle in front suddenly swerved and made a nose dive into the canal alongside the road. The three wasted no time as the car started to go under; they dove in fully clothed, smashed the back window and pulled out the mother and her three children.

  Video footage someone shot of the rescue operation, that has since gone viral on social media, shows the three men chest deep in the murky water, smashing the car window; the youngest child, a baby, is first lifted carefully out of the vehicle and passed from one man to the next to shore, while they remain cautious not to get the toddler wet. They then pull out another child, a boy of about seven years old.

  Then, just seconds after they also lift the mom out, the car dramatically goes under; Blankendaal can be seen quickly reaching in at the last moment to pull out what looks like the boy’s school bag. The vehicle is then totally submerged.

  Luckily none of the family members had been injured when the car crashed into the canal. The mother – 40-year-old S.B. – explained later that she had lost control over the steering wheel, which caused the crash. The men who saved her and her children became instant heroes, lauded and praised by all walks in the country.

  On Friday, February 19, VHP Chairman Chandrika Santokhi presented them with the party’s reward, calling them role models of bravery for the entire community. “You guys had the bravery to take quick action when it was needed. This is the type of actions that show who we are: a community that is there for each other when it is needed,” the politician said.

  But the praise did not stop there. On Saturday the Bennie Liefdadigheidsstichting (Bennie Charity 12-12-12) announced that it would be presenting the men with checks worth between SR $1,000 and SR $5,000 each. Charity chairman Ben Oliveira said it was important to honour the men, because “these days we – and especially the youth – need to know what heroism is and that it is still alive. The youth seem to think that it’s better to look tough; whereas back in the day young people would help an old lady cross the street, they make fun of those that do those kinds of things today. We want to send out a signal that says that we think it’s important that we help one another,” he said.

SAN FRANCISCO--Snap Inc takes to the road in London on Monday to promote its initial public offering with a daring proposition: that it can build hot-selling hardware gadgets and ad-friendly software features fast enough to stay one step ahead of Facebook.

ATHENS--Greek pensioner Dimitra says she never imagined a life reduced to food handouts: some rice, two bags of pasta, a packet of chickpeas, some dates and a tin of milk for the month.

LOS ANGELES--From "Singin' in the Rain" to "The Wizard of Oz," musicals haven't traditionally seen much love from the Oscars. But "La La Land" has changed all that, tapping into a desire for escapism and sending Hollywood scrambling to dust off its dancing shoes.

LOS ANGELES--Writers for the films "Moonlight" and "Arrival" won top Writers Guild of America awards on Sunday, boosting the films' chances in the upcoming Academy Awards, Hollywood's biggest honours.

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida--U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday named Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond McMaster as his new national security adviser, choosing a military officer known for speaking his mind and challenging his superiors.

NEW YORK/CHICAGO--Renewed protests against U.S. President Donald Trump flared on the Presidents Day holiday on Monday, with grassroots activists vowing to take to the streets in dozens of cities in "Not My President's Day" rallies. Protest leaders had said they expected thousands to rally in about 28 cities ranging from Los Angeles and Chicago to Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the latest round of demonstrations to express displeasure with Trump's policies and pronouncements.

MUGLA, Turkey--Prosecutors called for life sentences for more than 40 Turkish soldiers on Monday at the start of their trial for attempting to assassinate President Tayyip Erdogan during last year's failed coup, according to the indictment obtained by Reuters.

MOSCOW--Russia's combative ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin, died suddenly in New York on Monday after being taken ill at work, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

CAY HILL— Tesse Blom bested Yasmine Essed 6-2, 6-4 to win the Women’s Singles match of the St. Maarten Tennis Club. In the Men’s group Bas van den Bosch faced Martijn Eerland in the final.  Bas managed to win in 6-1, 6-2.  

LONDON- - Sutton United's FA Cup fairytale ended as Arsenal forward Theo Walcott scored his 100th goal for the club in a 2-0 fifth round victory on a surreal night at Gander Green Lane on Monday.

Oh sweet Saint Martin they say!

So why are we living this way?

Pure hatred and jealousy,

Is all I can see!

Even the division of the island doesn’t make it easy,

Crimes are increasing, and there's no remedy,

We find ourselves in cells, leaving behind our family,

Please tell me where did we leave the unity?

It’s a shame that a small island like ours is reportedly,

In the rank of the most dangerous territory!

What is this really?

How did we manage to fit among other countries?

I’m lost for words for my beautiful West Indies,

Touristic islands indeed,

But we've got a population to feed.

And the right image is all we need.

End violence, cause we all bleed,

And is that the image we want to proclaim?

Because there is no fame

Just another one to blame!

I love my friendly island that still remains the same,

But we've got to stop taking these criminal acts for a game.

A life is precious, it’s not to target and aim.

It not only affects one person but their entire chain,

Youths are left with one parent, and that corrupts their brain.

Education is the key, but what are we teaching them?

We fail to understand that we all contribute to their progress,

Whether it’s the mother, father or just a friend.

But I still stand here and say lean on my shoulder,

We can make this end.


Jennifer Brooks

Dear Queenie,

My wife and her sister are very close and always seem to be together or talking to each other on the phone. We don’t ever seem to get any time alone together, because her sister always seems to be there or to show up soon after we start. It gets to be so much that when she stays overnight with us sometimes I wonder why she isn’t there sleeping with us in our bed!

Queenie, am I making too much of this like my wife says or is this just too much togetherness?—Three’s a crowd

Dear Crowded,

Are these sisters perhaps twins? Twins often do seem to have a special bond.

That said, you are not making too much of this. There is a reason the marriage vows include the phrase “forsaking all others.”

Your wife should not have to give up her sister’s company altogether, but she should be willing to schedule a reasonable amount of “alone time” for just the two of you.

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