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Commodore Sergio Esteves (left) presents a bottle of champagne to the Captain of the sail training vessel Danmark, Kurt Andersen (right), during the Rio Olympics.

MARIGOT--St. Martin/ St. Maarten-based Caribbean Sail Training Association (CST) was recently represented in Brasil during the Olympic Games by Commodore of the Abravela Organisation, Sergio Esteves, who is also a board member of CST.

DATE ISSUED: Friday, August 26, 2016 @ 12:00 LST (16:00 UTC)
VALID UNTIL: Saturday midday (12:00 LST) August 27, 2016

There was actually some good news from the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten (CBCS) to report this week. It was announced that St. Maarten will be receiving NAf. 10 million in dividends following the approval of the bank’s 2015 financial statements.

There was quite a bit of grumbling especially early Wednesday about the move to keep local schools closed due to the passing tropical wave. Up to that point it hadn’t rained much and wasn’t very windy either.

However, once it started pouring later in the morning some changed their minds, taking into account that the Saunders/St. Peters/South Reward cul-de-sac where most schools are concentrated is known

LONDON, England--A US non-profit company has designed an innovative method of controlling the spread of lionfish threatening to devastate fish stocks and coral reef ecosystems in warmer ocean waters.

PARAMARIBO--As he opened the office of the Hotline for Child Abuse in western District Coronie earlier this week, Education, Science and Culture Minister Robert Peneux reported that he has fired no fewer than seven teachers in the past year over child abuse matters.

NEW YORK-- Mylan NV said on Thursday it would reduce the out-of-pocket costs of its emergency EpiPen allergy injection for some patients amid a wave of criticism from lawmakers and the public over the product's rapidly escalating price.

PARIS -- More than 14,000 pregnant women in France took Sanofi's anti-epilepsy drug Depakine between 2007 and 2014 even though the risk of fetus malformation was known, according to a study released by France on Wednesday.

LONDON-- When marathon silver medalist Feyisa Lilesa crossed the finish line at the Rio Olympics, he crossed his arms above his head in an "X", a sign of protest against the Ethiopian government's treatment of his people, the ethnic Oromo.

NEW YORK-- "Ghostbusters" actress and comedian Leslie Jones' website was hacked on Wednesday and nude photos and personal information including her passport and driver's license were posted, according to media reports.

WASHINGTON-- A U.S. Navy ship fired warning shots after an Iranian fast-attack craft approached two U.S. ships in the northern Gulf, a U.S. defense official said on Thursday, in the most serious of a number of incidents in the same area this week.

CHICAGO-- Florida Governor Rick Scott on Wednesday said the federal government has so far not delivered all of the Zika antibody tests and laboratory support he has requested as the state battles the spread of the virus.

AMMAN-- Rebels and Syria's army agreed a deal on Thursday to evacuate all residents and insurgents from the besieged Damascus suburb of Daraya, a rebel leader and state media said, ending one of the longest stand-offs in the five-year conflict.

CHATEAURENARD, France-- Nicolas Sarkozy said on Thursday he would impose a nationwide ban on burkinis if elected back to the presidency in 2017, positioning himself as a strong defender of French values and tough on immigration.

PHILIPSBURG--St. Maarten netballers had to endure back-to-back matches, which resulted in massive losses on Day 3 of the U21 World Youth Netball Qualifiers of the Americas Federation of Netball Association (AFNA) at L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium on Thursday.

MONACO-- Pep Guardiola will return to the Nou Camp in the Champions League group stage after his new club Manchester City were drawn against his former Barcelona team on Thursday in one of the toughest of the eight groups.

Dear Editor,
In The Daily Herald of Thursday, August 25, 2016, we read that ex-minister (Ted Richardson) is believed to be one of the top candidates for the SXM Airport CEO position.
In Saturday, August 20, 2016 Daily Herald we read that Alex Dijkhoffz is one of three new persons to be appointed to the board of the Princes Juliana International Airport (PJIA) Holding N.V. In The Daily Herald of August 13, 2016, we read that Rolando Brison is appointed Tourism Authority Director.
Question: What do all of these sudden and swift appointments/announcements have in common? Answer: MP Silvio Matser and his uncertain political future due to the September 26, 2016 Parliamentary elections.
The PJIA Holding N.V. is the 100 per cent shareholder of cash-rich PJIA E (Operating) N.V. The PJIAH N.V. is wholly owned by the Government (People) of St. Maarten. The companies that own the Airport, the Sea port and the Tele port are all owned by the Government of St. Maarten and fall under the responsibilities of the Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications (TEATT). The Ministry of TEATT was designated to MP Silvio Matser, as his prize for jumping off the UPP ship and forming the coalition of eight. So, now just about a month before the September elections we read: 1) Rolando Brison being proposed for STA Director (tourism money pot), 2) Alex Dijkhoffz being proposed for PJIAH Board member (a Board that approves the spending of the SXM Airport money pot), and now 3) Ted Richardson (with how much airport management experience, you say??) being proposed for the CEO position of the SXM (PJIA) Airport, where the airport money pot actually lives.
The one constant connecting the dots between all three persons is MP Silvio Matser. On the Lady Grace 102.7FM Morning show on Wednesday, August 24, 2016, Mr. Matser said he “happened” to be in the Government building (yeah right!), and was invited impromptu to witness the signing of a one-year employment contract for Brison.
On the same radio programme Matser called out an “older person for blasting this young man”. He also said: Give the youth of St. Maarten chance to grow.
So I, Michael Ferrier, the older person referred to above, has the following suggestions to MP Silvio Matser and all those that are in a position to “do the right thing for St. Maarten”. Instead of insisting to appoint as director of the STA a young man who has at least one huge blemish on his record, go with another candidate for the STA job, a St. Maarten/St. Martin born and bred, bright, articulate, dynamic local travel industry professional with an impeccable reputation: Mr. Terrance Rey.
Instead of recycling Ted Richardson, who I am sure would forever be in great debt (or is it indebted) to Mr. Matser for getting him that lucrative Airport job, why not push either Michel (Mikey) Hyman (presently the Acting Director PJIA Operations Division), or Anastacio (Stacio) Baker (presently PJIA Manager Quality Assurance), both intelligent, articulate and dynamic young local professionals with plenty of actual airport experience, into the position of Airport Director?
Then there is Alex Dijkhoffz, he worked for me, so I have the skinny on him. He also worked for, or with a nice old Canadian man who ended up back in his native Canada with a stroke after losing hundreds of thousands of US dollars. I am not sure if there is a connection there.

Michael J. Ferrier

Dear Queenie,
My wife and her grown-up daughter from a previous marriage are joined at the hip via telephone. The daughter calls several times a day and they talk and talk about nothing in particular. She even has called when we were on vacation and in the middle of some special vacation activity.
She always calls on my wife’s cell phone, and my wife walks with it in her hand everywhere, even around the house, so she won’t miss a call. Our other children don’t do this.
Queenie, help!—Fed up husband

Dear Fed up,
This is not uncommon between mothers and daughters who are close. As long as your stepdaughter does not call while she is driving a vehicle and your wife does not answer such a call while she is driving, and as long as you do not have to answer the phone, do not make a big thing of this. After all, things would be much worse for your wife if she and her daughter were estranged.

St. Maarten appoints first STA Director

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