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KLM travellers were in limbo Friday night, as the airline cancelled its flight from St. Maarten. A number of passengers are said to have been stranded until further notice. It was unknown up to press time what issue had the aircraft grounded at Princess Juliana International Airport, but “The Daily Herald” understands that experts are likely to be flown in from the Netherlands to tend to the issue.

Christian Climent-Pons, the appointed official in charge of the reconstruction of schools, briefs President Daniel Gibbs and the delegation on reconstruction progress at Simeon Trott Nursery School in Concordia. (Robert Luckock photo)


MARIGOT--A delegation from the Collectivité led by President Daniel Gibbs and Vice-Presidents Annick Petrus and Steven Patrick inspected some of the schools on Friday to see progress of reconstruction ahead of the start of the new schoolyear on September 2.

The recent reopening of Palm Court Hotel in Orient Bay Village (see Friday paper) is yet another example of the destination’s continued recovery following the passage of Hurricane Irma almost two years ago. This is particularly significant for that specific area once described as “St. Tropez of the Caribbean,” which was devastated by the record-strength storm.

It’s a relatively modest property with 21 suites, but that is the kind of boutique hotel experience with personal attention some guests especially among higher income groups tend to look for. These provide a welcome complement to the more mass-tourism-based resorts found mainly on the Dutch side.

This latest development, following the reopening of La Playa in the same vicinity at the end of last year, will hopefully inspire others to invest. Alamanda and Blue Bay are both scheduled to come back online there in 2020 as well, while the return of various beach restaurants that characterised the location and created a glamorous atmosphere too is a key ingredient for its rehabilitation.

But the biggest economic impact in terms of numbers should be felt when Secrets opens at the former Riu Palace in Anse Marcel next February. This will add 350 rooms in a single shot and go a long way towards bringing the available inventory to near previous levels.

The dominant hospitality industry still requires “putting heads in beds” and the capacity to do so remains crucial certainly during the high season, when it’s winter in much of North America and Europe. Rebuilding the island therefore to a large extent depends on restoring its visitor accommodations slowly but surely, if need be brick-by-brick and one step at a time.

Today’s news that Miss Lalie Youth Care and Rehabilitation Centre will receive its first two residents since Hurricane Irma damaged the complex at Cay Bay is most welcome. The lack of adequate detention possibilities for this age group was becoming a serious problem.

With today’s strict human rights requirements for properly incarcerating citizens and especially minors, there just wasn’t a workable alternative except keeping young offenders at the Philipsburg police station cells for a few days at the most. This soon became common knowledge, emboldening potential delinquents because the immediate consequences in terms of losing one’s freedom if caught were limited.

Moreover, even judges had their hands tied a bit when dealing with and sentencing youngsters who broke the law, which obviously sent an undesirable message too. Not that a prolonged stay at Miss Lalie Centre is so bad, but it at least creates some type of deterrence.

People should always remember that it’s also about educating and guiding those sent there. Work done with these youngsters in- and outside classrooms is an important part of the equation to try and prevent them from turning into revolving-door criminals with little prospect for resocialisation. 

Only one wing with a capacity for 10 inmates has been completed, while staff was still being recruited. The facility falls under the prison, and Volunteer Corps VKS will provide additional staff as needed.

It’s therefore still just the beginning, but nevertheless a significant step in efforts to offer more youngsters a real second chance.

Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition



GRENADA--The International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition is set aside by UNESCO as the day for the international community to remember the slave trade and for the celebration of the abolition of the slave trade.

NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL

800 AM EDT Fri Aug 23, 2019


For the North Atlantic...Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico:


The National Hurricane Center is issuing advisories on Tropical Depression Chantal, located about 765 miles west of the Azores.


  1. Surface and radar data indicate that a weak area of low pressure is located just east of the upper Florida Keys and the southeast coast of the Florida peninsula. This system is producing a large area of disorganized cloudiness and showers that extends primarily

northeast of the centre over the northwest Bahamas and the adjacent Atlantic Ocean. The low is forecast to move near or over the Florida peninsula through tonight, which should limit development during that time. Environmental conditions appear conducive for development once the system moves northeast back over the Atlantic waters on Saturday. A tropical depression is likely to form this weekend or early next week while the low moves from near the coast of east-central Florida to offshore of the southeast United States coast. Regardless of development, locally heavy rains are possible over the northwest Bahamas and southern and central Florida through the weekend.

* Formation chance through 48 hours...medium...40 percent.

* Formation chance through 5 days...high...70 percent.


  1. Showers and thunderstorms have increased since yesterday in association with a tropical wave located about 1400 miles east-southeast of the Windward Islands. Additional slow development of this system is possible during the next few days as it moves generally westward at about 15 mph.

* Formation chance through 48 hours...low...10 percent.

* Formation chance through 5 days...low...20 percent.


Forecaster Beven

SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras- - Regional leaders on Friday called for "shock" investment in infrastructure in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to reduce the number of migrants flowing from the three economically fragile countries, bound for the United States.

SAN FRANCISCO- - Alphabet Inc's Google announced on Thursday that its YouTube streaming video service disabled 210 channels appearing to engage in a coordinated influence operation around the Hong Kong protests, days after Twitter and Facebook said they dismantled a similar campaign originating in mainland China.

KUTUPALONG REFUGEE CAMP, Bangladesh- - Rohingya refugee Shofika Begum can't stop the flashbacks from two years ago when her husband and sister were shot dead and she was raped in her village in Myanmar that was then torched.

CELAYA, Mexico- - Twelve hours after he scrambled atop a boxcar on a freight train that hurtled through Mexico towards the U.S. border, Roni Osorio could no longer fight sleep. The train lurched, and with nothing to grip onto, he rolled, fell and was sucked under its churning wheels.

WASHINGTON/BEIJING-- U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday lashed back at a new round of Chinese tariffs by heaping an additional 5% duty on some $550 billion in targeted Chinese goods in the latest tit-for-tat trade war escalation by the world's two largest economies.

WASHINGTON/BEIJING-- U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday lashed back at a new round of Chinese tariffs by heaping an additional 5% duty on some $550 billion in targeted Chinese goods in the latest tit-for-tat trade war escalation by the world's two largest economies.

SEOUL- - Japan's Coast Guard said it detected suspected ballistic missile launches from North Korea on Saturday, while the South Korean military said North Korea had fired two projectiles into the sea off its east coast.

TAPERAS, Bolivia- - Bolivian firefighters are still trying to put out wildfires that have already burned more than 650,000 hectares (1.6 million acres) of tropical forest, roughly the size of the U.S. state of Delaware, officials said on Thursday.

LEEDS, England- - Australia closed in on a victory that will see them retain the Ashes after ending an incredible second day of the third test with a lead of 283 runs, having bowled out England for an embarrassing 67 in their first innings on Friday.

LEEDS, England- - Jofra Archer's first five-wicket haul in test cricket put England in command on a weather-affected opening day of the third Ashes test at Headingley on Thursday as they bowled Australia out for 179.

Dear Queenie,

  I’ve been invited to a fancy wedding and the bride just asked me if I would watch over all the little kids who would be there.

  Queenie, isn’t this kind of rude?—Offended wedding guest


Dear Guest,

  Even if you are in the child-care profession, yes, it is kind of rude.

  You have several choices:

  You can agree to her request.

  You can agree, but quote her a fee and/or tell her it will be your wedding gift to the happy couple.

  You can accept the invitation but tell her you are sorry, you will not be available for child-care because you would not want to miss out on any of the happy event by being distracted by the children.

  Or, you can turn down the invitation.

Dear Editor,

   Commonwealth of Dominica, Commonwealth of St. Kitts and Commonwealth of Grenada are proud of you, Theo.

  In the days of the federation before CARICOM, these are the three nations C/W Dominica, C/W Grenada, and C/W St. Kitts which stood up for all the small Islands in the Caribbean. And we don't change our currency because we are wise to see those who change their currency what it does in the region. And they do spread poverty in the region because of their exchange rates.

  Now the entire world knows Theo is a developer. The position for VROMI is Theo portfolio in this hard time and recovery process we are going through. Now Theo is the right man for the position for Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure VROMI.

  If l was the governor, president of Parliament or prime minister, l would seek solutions to talk to the Dutch government, king or queen to see if we can get a solution for Theo to become our next Minister for VROMI. Because Theo is a great man for St. Maarten.  

  Please give him his roses now. l hope our historians are staying focused.


Cuthbert Bannis