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PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten (October 24, 2016)—The loss of human life and the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in southwestern Haiti on October 4 are no longer among the hot news of the day. But we can still help to relieve the hardships that the storm piled on the people of our fellow Caribbean country,” said drs. Gracita Arrindell, leader of the People’s Progressive Alliance (PPA).

Arrindell, who personally responded to calls earlier this month from relief organizers to contribute hurricane relief goods for Haiti, said that she has faith in the St. Maarten people and their historical generosity.

“I’m calling on the people of St. Maarten to continue supporting the call from known local relief organizers to aid Haiti during what is still for many families in dire need, a perilous time,” said Arrindell.

“Our beautiful island is home to a number of people of Haitian descent. There are certainly those among us with family and friends in Haiti who have been affected by the hurricane,” said Arrindell.

Arrindell is long known for her work with Peridot, an NGO that works for the empowerment of women in particular and the family in general.

Hurricane Matthew’s reported death toll stands at 1,384 people – from at least six of the countries reporting deaths due to the passage of the hurricane.

“The human fatalities, disruption of livelihood and destruction of property, the threat of disease, and the pain and suffering wrought by Hurricane Matthew through Haiti, affecting in like ways parts of the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, The Bahamas, and the USA are just plain heartbreaking,” said Arrindell.

“St. Maarten is not sheltered from the experiences of a category 4 and 5 hurricane. We still remember the terror and destruction of Hurricane Luis in 1995. So let’s continue to contribute in whatever way we can, and to pray, in response to the call and needs of a nation in need after bearing the brunt of the deadly Hurricane Matthew. God Bless the people of Haiti. God bless the people of St. Maarten. God bless the people of our whole island,” said Gracita Arrindell.


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They happen so often one almost doesn’t want to even discuss them anymore, were it not so annoying and unacceptable in this day and age: The frequent dump fires (see related story) are an outrage.

The latest one lasted practically the whole weekend. The Fire Department said Saturday morning that it was monitoring the blaze on Pond Island and the company responsible for the management of the landfill had been working diligently to get it under control, yet smoke could still be seen coming from “Mount Trash” up to Sunday evening.

At one point residents in areas downwind, including the Cul de Sac basin and Cole Bay, were also advised to close windows and doors because of the potentially damaging fumes, especially persons with respiratory difficulties like those suffering from asthma, shortness of breath, etc. That’s undoubtedly good advice, but for households without air-conditioning it can also be quite a challenge to do so for any length of time due to the heat, never mind the also-frequent GEBE power cuts.

A long-term solution for St. Maarten’s garbage dilemma has become more than urgent, yet successive governments don’t seem able to deal with the problem effectively despite long-standing plans for a waste-to-energy plant. Certainly with large-scale projects such as Pearl of China coming on line, this issue deserves the highest priority from both the incoming Parliament and Council of Ministers.

However, immediate measures that can improve the current situation also should be possible and were suggested recently. In fact, a review of the agreement with the contactor in charge of the facility was even mentioned to see whether that might have anything to do with it, also because it had been awarded for a considerably lower amount than the former arrangement.

However, the public rarely hears much about the results of such announced intentions except to once again be confronted with yet another smelly reminder of the local political authorities’ obvious continued incompetence regarding this matter.

The Committee for Financial Supervision CFT is awaiting the 2015 annual reports of more than 30 Government-owned companies, institutions and organisations receiving public funds (see related story). In fact, only three of the 40 apparently complied with the legal obligation to supply such within five months after the closure of the financial year.

That’s obviously not good enough and clearly against the rules. What’s worse, while the majority are one or two years behind and 10 have at least submitted their 2014 reports, others have been in violation longer and eight of them five or more years.

There had been some discussion in the past on whether these often greatly autonomous entities should fall under the CFT’s competence in the first place, but it’s stipulated in the Kingdom Financial Supervision and actually beside the point. The reports should be submitted in St. Maarten on time regardless.

The laws of the land must always be respected, certainly by Government-related bodies, also to set the right example. If not, why even have a Corporate Governance Code?

As usual, enforcement is the key, which is where the people’s representatives elected to Parliament come in. They must see to it that the Council of Ministers puts pressure on the supervisory boards as well as managements to do what is required; no ifs, no buts.

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados--Cut out the religious mumbo jumbo! That’s the call of University of the West Indies (UWI) political scientist Tennyson Joseph, who says it’s time to end religious teachings and introduce a fully secular curriculum in Barbados’ schools.

PARAMARIBO--A homophobic dancehall artiste who was arrested during a drug bust last week, has said that he was dabbling in crime to put food on the table for his nine children and the two others that his two girlfriends will soon give birth to.

WASHINGTON- - AT&T Inc's proposed $85 billion takeover of Time Warner Inc generated skepticism among both Democrats and Republicans on Sunday, making it more likely that regulators will closely scrutinize the effort to create a new telecommunications and media giant.

NEW YORK-- AT&T Inc has reached an agreement in principle to buy Time Warner Inc for about $85 billion, sources said on Friday, paving the way for the biggest deal in the world this year that would give the telecom company control of cable TV channels HBO and CNN, film studio Warner Bros and other coveted media assets.

LOS ANGELES-- It was a battle of the sequels at the multiplexes this weekend, as "Boo! A Madea Halloween" narrowly edged out "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" to claim first place at the domestic box office.

LOS ANGELES-- Actor and singer Donald Glover will be playing Lando Calrissian in the young Han Solo spin-off film from the "Star Wars" universe, Walt Disney Co and Lucasfilm said on Friday.

CHARLOTTE, N.C./NAPLES, Fla.,-- Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump a "sore loser" on Sunday because of his refusal at their debate last week to commit to accepting the results of the Nov. 8 election.

JOHNSTOWN, Pa./CLEVELAND-- Republican candidate Donald Trump said on Friday that he continues to believe the Nov. 8 election is "rigged" against him, a message that has resonated with members of his party, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows.

LUCKNOW, India-- When Amit Shah, president of Narendra Modi's ruling party, meets with the Indian prime minister, he is sometimes asked a question he struggles to answer: "What is behenji thinking?"

ESEKA, Cameroon-- Fourteen people remained trapped on Friday under the wreckage of a packed passenger train that derailed en route between Cameroon's two largest cities, killing at least 55 and injuring 575, the government said in a communique read on state television.

Aruba defeated Netherlands 11-0 in the opening game of the Kingdom Baseball Tournament in Aruba. Team St. Maarten is scheduled to face Curacao 1 Monday morning, Curacao 2 Tuesday morning and Aruba in the afternoon. 

FLORIDA-- Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey says he cannot stop smiling when anyone mentions Jay Ajayi.

Dear Editor,

  I was not present, but because of what was said and issued publicly via the media, I believe that I would not be too far off the mark with my observation.  I know that the people in government are there to serve the community in their different capacities. We also know that the salaries of those in government are the highest in our kingdom. In my opinion there is therefore no urgent reason why members of Parliament should demand certain positions, even though regulations allow for certain rights.

  In The Daily Herald of October 19, I read that MP Jules James will be appointed Minister of Justice. I do not approve of that choice. It reminds me in several ways of the works of Donald Trump these days. I also feel sorry for the civil servants who have to serve in his cabinet, because their headaches have not yet started.

  I was also surprised about the nomination of MP Christophe Emmanuel as Minister of VROMI, because not too long after it was announced that UP and NA would form the coalition, I listened to MP Rudolphe Samuel in an interview in which he outlined why he is qualified to be Minister of VROMI. So when I read that MP Emmanuel would become the new Minister of VROMI, I wanted to know what happened.  I do not know anything from the inside, but on the outside it is said that MP Emmanuel demanded to be a Minister, because he received more votes than MP Samuel.

  I began this letter by stating that members of government are there to serve the community. Let me add this.  I am not advocating catering to the Dutch, but we have to be realistic. We know what the Dutch mean to and it is time enough for anyone whose ambition it is to be a politician to know this.

  I, Russell Simmons, strongly believe that anyone who wants to be a Minister of government in any of the countries of the Dutch Kingdom, should be able to speak, read and write Dutch.  I did not demand this from Minister Lee, because others eluded to that matter in several letters to the editor.

  I heard and saw on several occasions how MP Emmanuel asked for legislation written in Dutch to be translated into English to accommodate those who do not command the knowledge of the Dutch language. I also do not know what was behind the cause of the rumour that he intended to go independent, but I felt short-changed, because all kinds of observations are made about the Police not even being able to write Dutch correctly, and MPs are demanding the laws and correspondence in English, because they cannot understand Dutch. What a double standard.

  What is the main language used in VROMI?  Is the whole department going to transform everything into English? If the Minister of VROMI has to deliberate with a colleague from Holland, who refuses to speak anything but Dutch, what's going to happen? Are they going to go to the UN building?  The official language in Holland is Dutch. Will whoever MP or Minister who travels to Holland in an official capacity be able to demand that English be spoken?

  If as it is said that MP. Emmanuel is demanding that position just because regulations allow for certain rights, then MP Emmanuel does not understand what it means to serve.

  What I know is that everyone who tried to walk before they could creep has fallen several times.  The people put the members of Parliament there, and the people have the right to show their displeasure with the behaviour and performance of those MPs when they do not comply satisfactory.  It is very possible that both MP Jules James and Christophe Emmanuel will perform to the best of their ability as Minister of Justice and Minister of VROMI, but in my opinion, the best of their ability will be far below the demands of those ministries.

  It is also not fair to the civil servants who work in those departments. They are the actual ones who for so long have been constantly saving the hides of Ministers, who are too often merely padding and signatories in those Ministries. A Minister of VROMI should be an engineer and a Minister of Justice should be a lawyer. Point Blank.  We going to see who we put there is a slap in the face of the people.

  Instead of the parties putting competent people on their list, who could represent the people in a dignified way, they are constantly putting people on the list who can bring in votes, and who, because of party regulations, end up in government, whether they can represent the people or not.  And Holland is constantly laughing at us. Bosman just scared us again by suggesting that Holland should let us go. Why, because he knows that we simply do not have the brainpower to stand on our own. So we desperately have to determine who is a Sint Maartener, and we need to bring our professionals home so that we can have competent people filling essential positions. 

Russell A. Simmons

Dear Editor,

Nowadays, molesting children is as common as buying a newspaper! It’s like the word decency has been completely erased, and the joy of seeing children blossom into adulthood, has disappeared forever. The unfortunate situation within this community, is that many choose to make noise when it is convenient for them. If all cases of sexual abuse of minors were viewed in the same manner as the accused principal, then the outcry would appear to be sincere.

Last year, when the news broke and the school management refused to address the parents and the Minister of Education, in a timely fashion, most of the people remained silent on the issue. As a matter of fact, some persons defended him. Imagine: one gentleman called in on a programme to express his discontent with the principal. The host responded by telling him he does not have time for that talk, and that the principal made a mistake. Wow! If the principal had molested one of his children, would he still classify that action as a mistake?

Others vehemently and deliberately tried to squash the story by saying the community is spoiling the principal’s name. When the basketball coach was also indicted for the same offence, another concerned citizen called in to discuss the matter. Instead of the host being sensitive to the caller’s concern and the situation at hand, he brushed the caller off in the same manner as expressed above. Then it calls to question, what is the real purpose of advocating for the community, when persons within the society cannot express the issues that are important to them?  

With all of the sexual abuse cases that were made public, why was the uproar so muffled then, and how many of them took the time to console the parents, who are just as traumatized by this horrific crime? What is amazing and extremely dangerous, is that some people tend to lash out at paedophiles who were condemned by the court, but continue to condone those in their own backyard. The question should be asked: Is the principal the only member of that organization to be defrocked and why?

In any case, no one will convince me that the management and staff of that school were not aware of his conduct. Whenever a paedophile is being exposed, the victim in question is just a tiny fraction of all the other victims. That is why throughout 2013 and beyond, I pleaded with parents to be vigilant with their children. I have also stressed the importance of having a clear view of what is happening in the classroom at all times. No door should be completely wooden; not even the principal’s office. If school principals are who they profess to be, then there is no need to be alarmed if someone suddenly pops up at the door.

It is time that this community quits burying its head in the sand and be aware of the people, who are designated to deal with the welfare of children. Don’t be fooled! The basketball coach and principal are not isolated cases. There are several others who continue to play hide and seek, because of the leniency of the justice and educational systems.

Imagine that, the majority of paedophiles are awarded minimal sentences or even just a kiss on the cheek. Likewise, some teachers who were discharged for the same misconduct are being absorbed into government, in a different capacity. Then, isn’t government recycling the process and contributing to the destruction of the very lives that it claims to protect? I have mentioned several times before that all persons who work with children should be thoroughly checked out prior to assuming their position. A police record has no value for these kinds of people who seek a certificate of conduct.

The fact that the principal has admitted to giving one of his victims alcohol, is a clear indication that his actions were intentional. And if he is so innocent, why does he hide his face every time he goes to trial? It is so sad to see that during the proceedings, his position to guide and protect all children entrusted in his care, did not even come into question. And, the thought of him molesting little boys when he gets out, is also not a concern for the judges. Then what purpose are they to the community if they cannot render justice where fairness is due?

Do we know why judges will continue to rule in the manner that they do? It is because the community has failed to rise up and challenge them on their decisions, especially in cases of this heinous crime against children. When will they acknowledge that child molesters are like a runaway train? They do not stop until they are being stopped. Therefore, it now becomes the duty of the community to hold organizations and government responsible for hiring paedophiles, who are forever destroying the fabric of this society.

Joslyn Morton

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