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Dear Queenie,

I’ve been offered a terrific job on another island and my wife and I have decided it is too good to pass up and we are going to make the move.

The problem is my wife’s sister. She insists that we are going to ruin her life and if we leave she will have nothing to do with us ever again. Her angry attitude has my wife terribly upset and I am afraid they will be permanently estranged.

Queenie, have I ruined my wife’s relationship with her sister? What should I do?—Worried husband

Dear Husband,

You have not ruined this relationship. Your sister-in-law is solely responsible for that and if you give in to her now she will be trying to run your lives forever.

You and your wife should do what is best for the two of you. Your sister-in-law can learn to like it (or at least live with it) or “lump it.”


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