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Dear Queenie,

There is a boy in my son’s class at school that he likes to play with that likes to roughhouse and play-fight with other children and uses foul language. I suppose he talks like that and behaves like that because that is what he sees and hears at home, but I don’t want my son to pick up such habits.

Queenie, should I forbid my son to play with this boy?—Worried mother

Dear Mother,

You cannot keep your son away from this boy at school, but I suggest you talk to the school authorities about the boy’s behaviour and vocabulary.

Outside of school, do not let your son go to this boy’s home to play, and if his parents ask why, tell them what you object to. However, you might let the boy play at your house after explaining to him clearly what you consider unacceptable and insisting that he abide by your rules when he is in your home. It might be good for him to learn how people outside his family do and do not behave and talk.


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