Make a Shamrock Decoration

(Use the shamrock template on the colouring page)

Bunting is a festive decoration for hanging up; here it’s a series of white flags with a green shamrock – the symbol of Ireland.


Green and white construction paper

Tracing paper


Hole punch



Ruler and pencil

Tape or tacks


Measure out 6 rectangles to form the flags on your white construction paper using your ruler and pencil. The short side should be 10cm and the long side 20cm.

Cut out your rectangles.

Fold the white rectangles in half lengthwise and cut out on a diagonal from the bottom corner to the middle fold of each one.

Punch two holes at the top straight edge (opposite end).

Open and smooth out the flags – your flags will have pointy ends at the bottom and four holes at the top to thread your twine through.

Take the green construction paper and measure out six squares with your ruler and pencil (10cm on each side) and cut out the squares.

Trace the shamrock shape from the template onto your tracing paper, carefully cut it out and use it to pencil in the shamrock shape on the green squares.

Then cut the shamrock shape out of the green squares.

Glue the green shamrocks onto the middle of the white flags.

Cut a piece of twine about 1.5m long.

Thread the twine in and out of the holes you have made at the top of the flags.

Use tape or tacks at the ends of the twine to hang your bunting.

When Irish eyes are smiling

(Lyrics by Chauncey Olcott and George Graff, Jr.)

Here is a popular song that is often sung on St. Patrick’s Day. The lyrics were composed by Americans as a tribute to Ireland. The song reminds us to be happy and keep smiling. The linnet mentioned in the song is a small bird with a very pretty, fast trilling song.

When Irish eyes are smiling,

Tis like a morn in spring.

With a lilt of Irish laughter,

You can hear the angels sing.

When Irish hearts are happy

All the world is bright and gay.

When Irish eyes are smiling,

Sure, they steal your heart away.

There's a tear in your eye and I'm wondering why,

For it never should be there at all.

With such power in your smile, sure a stone you'd beguile,

So there's never a teardrop should fall,

When your sweet lilting laughter's like some fairy song,

And your eyes twinkle bright as can be.

You should laugh all the while and all other times smile,

And now smile a smile for me.

For your smile is a part of the love in your heart,

And it makes even sunshine more bright.

Like the linnet's sweet song, crooning all the day long,

Comes your laughter so tender and bright.

For the springtime of youth is the sweetest of all,

There is ne'er a real care or regret.

And while springtime is ours, throughout all of youth's hours,

Let us smile each chance we get.

Make a Paper Plate Giraffe

Have fun making this bright yellow giraffe. Ask an adult to help you.


1 paper plate

Yellow and brown paint

Paint brush

Circular sponge brush

Yellow construction paper


Glue stick

Big googly eyes


Black marker

2 brown pom-poms

Twine and stapler (Optional)


First of all, paint your paper plate with the yellow paint.

Set the plate aside to let the paint dry.

Using your pencil and the yellow construction paper, draw two triangles with rounded corners – these will be your giraffe’s ears.

Next draw two long, thin rectangles to make the horns.

Draw a large circle to form the snout of your giraffe.

Carefully cut out the ears, horns and snout.

Glue the ears on either side of your plate.

On top of the plate (in between the ears), glue on the horns and stick a brown pom-pom on the top of each one to form the tufts of hair.

Glue on the giraffe’s googly eyes. If you like, you can draw on long eyelashes.

In the middle below the eyes, glue on the giraffe’s snout.

Draw the giraffe’s nose and mouth on the snout using the pencil, then go over it with the thick black marker.

Using the circular sponge and the brown paint, add the giraffe’s patches all around the plate.

If you want to hang your giraffe up, cut a length of twine and form a big loop and attach it to the back of the top of your plate using the stapler.

shows outdoor movie

Every Saturday, the Happy Faces team from Robbie’s Lottery will be showing one movie in one neighbourhood on the island. This week, they will be showing their fourth movie “Moana” on Saturday, March 4, at 6: 30-9:00pm at Simpson Bay Community Centre.

The movie is FREE and everyone is invited to come and see it. Be sure you are there before 6:30pm as the movie will start on time and will continue until 9:00pm.

There will be FREE pop-corn, juice, water and perhaps ice cream. Kids will receive a small surprise – so be on your best behaviour. Parents of course are most welcome.

Check the Out and About each week (and the Kid’s Herald) for upcoming areas where the movies will be shown over the next six months!

Make your own lava lamp

A lava lamp (or astro lamp) is a decorative and unique item which was invented in 1963 by a British accountant named Edward Craven Walker. This lamp is designed in a variety of colours and shapes, and now you get to make your own.


  • Cooking oil
  • Water
  • Food colouring
  • An empty water bottle
  • Alka-Seltzer antacid tablets

The first thing you need to do is to fill your bottle two-thirds with oil, fill in the other third with water, leaving about an inch free at the top. Looking at the water layer sink to the bottom can be fun, but you have to wait awhile for the bubbles to disappear before you continue with the following step.

The next step is for you to add several drops of food colouring. Since you put the oil in before the water, it will take some time for the drops of food colouring to “go through the process” and tint the water.

Now it’s time for you to break an Alka-Seltzer tablet into three or four pieces, drop one of the pieces in and watch what happens! When the tablet touches the layer of water, it will start to fizz and you’ll see the coloured water will erupt!

Once the tablet dissolves, you won’t see any more bubbles, but they will start up again as soon as you add another piece of tablet. In case the oil layer starts to look cloudy with tiny bubbles, you can just let it settle for a while, add some more if needed.

Final step: Enjoy your cool, creative lamp!

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