Several of you have pointed out to me that in my answer to Frustrated (Thursday, May 18) I suggested that her boyfriend might be refusing to have sex with her because he is gay or sexually dysfunctional, but failed to point out to her that one possible reason might be that he does not believe in having sex with anyone outside of marriage, or at least a committed relationship.

Please note that I did not mean any of the reasons I did give in any derogatory sense, but merely mentioned them as statements of possible fact. However, I do apologise to her boyfriend for omitting the possibility of his having moral objections to submitting to her propositions.

And I have a question for the person who described my column as “sh**ty”: If that is what you think of my column, why do you read it?

Dear Queenie,

My wife and I worked hard for many years and limited our spending so we could save up for retirement. Now we are out of debt, our house is paid for and we can afford some luxuries that we couldn’t up to now, but some of our friends are accusing us of showing off and bragging when we talk about what we have been doing.

Queenie, are they right or are they just jealous of us?—Living it up

Dear Living,

Maybe a little of both. Try not talking about your new extravagances unless your friends bring up the subject.

Dear Queenie,

There’s this guy I really like. He’s good-looking and friendly and smart and everyone likes him. My problem is that he’s shorter than I am and I would feel funny going out with him and having people staring at us. And the idea of leaning down to kiss him instead of reaching up kind of freaks me out.

Queenie, am I being too picky?—Tall girl

Dear Tall girl,

I think you are. What is more important to you – how a man looks or how he treats you? Think carefully before you answer.

Dear Queenie,

A guy I work with is having an affair with a married woman we both work with. This makes things very uncomfortable around the workplace because of the way they behave with each other.

Queenie, should I say something to one of them, or to our boss, or should I tell his wife or her husband?—Disgusted colleague

Dear Disgusted,

If everyone else in the workplace knows, your boss probably does too and if it is affecting everyone’s work performance it is up to him to speak to the two adulterers about that aspect of their behaviour.

As for the wife and husband, one or both of them may already know. MYOB!

Dear Queenie,

I’m pregnant and I’m watching my weight carefully because I can’t do much exercising. I look really huge, but my doctor says that’s because I’m so short and that really I’m doing just fine.

The thing is, people, including especially my mother-in-law, are always telling me I’m getting too big and how I must be eating too much.

Queenie, what’s a polite way to respond to such comments?—Pregnant, not fat

Dear Pregnant,

Why be polite to people who are rude to you?

Tell the ones who do not know you are pregnant, “I’m not fat, I’m pregnant.” Tell the ones who do know, “My doctor says I’m doing just fine. Would you like his phone number so you can argue with him?”

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