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JUST Discover A New Confident Energy (DANCE) is a new and interactive dance class that caters to both men and women. The instructor is Ameera Groenveldt. If you’re looking for a new lease on life or want to expand your horizon by taking on a new challenge but have no clue where to start, this class is for you.

A free class took place at the Yogesh Building on Saturday, February 8. There were about 17 participants and I was one of them. I honestly had no idea what to expect when I decided to attend the class. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I assumed it would be the same old one-two-step dance routine; but boy was I wrong! I loved the JUST DANCE experience. Now, I’m not stating this in order for it to sound like a cliché, but this class was just AWESOME! If you attended the session, I’m sure you’ll be hungry for more.

The women who attended the class were of various shapes, sizes, races and ages. Despite all of that, we were reminded that we were more alike than we realized. Many of us, especially those who have to care for others throughout the day, must always remember to look after ourselves as well as we do for those around us. The hustle and bustle of life will not come to an end if we choose to be good to be ourselves. Your family, friends and the job you have will continue to exist whether you’re around or not. So take time out for yourself no matter how busy life becomes.

Class participants were given the opportunity to look in a mirror and say three positive things about themselves. Now I know at this point you may be saying, “Heck no! No thank you. Not me. I’m too afraid or shy.” Whatever we tell ourselves when it comes to making a positive change, we all feel the same way at times. But if you ask yourself what you have to lose, the answer is usually not one thing. You actually have everything to gain. I know what it’s like to express yourself in public or to try to just be comfortable in a group setting. Shared information is to be kept within the walls of the class as the purpose is to build up each person in the room and not add to any of the tearing down which already goes on in the world around us or even in our lives.

Those of us in the class all had in common that we were ready for a change in our lives. We were ready to take a risk and we knew that failing is a learning experience and that we should not be afraid to try things. Too often we tear ourselves down, as the saying goes, “You’re your own worst enemy.” But you don’t have to follow that mantra. Mothers with children who attended the class were reminded not to use their kids as an excuse. Everyone can pursue her dreams. You are the only one that can stop you; and your children will benefit from your example as their mother.

During the class, we did a couple of exercises and were given tips on how to focus on what is important and learn to appreciate the beautiful individual in each of us. We did stretching exercises before going into dancing. This made me feel like a super woman and reminded me that we are beautiful, strong and can do whatever makes us happy, even outside of the walls of the dance class. The class made us feel that we are sexy and smart and can achieve anything. Music can endear that feeling. Some women seemed to really try and were glowing while dancing and even after.

Groeneveldt does not pick just any type of music to play, each song appears to be carefully chosen in order to empower and strengthen each and every participant, mentally and emotionally. This class is not only a brilliant idea, but it is a necessary idea. There are many people struggling in their day-to-day lives, comparing themselves to others, over-thinking their ideas and dreams and not taking action to be who they desire to be. I’m not saying that if you attend this class, it will be a magic potion to success, but I am saying that if you were to incorporate this with whatever else you may be doing to better your life, it will be well worth it. I definitely plan to attend the classes when they start in March. Each class will consist of 10 women.

Anyone interested can contact Ameera Groeneveldt directly: 1 721 524-7999; or via her Facebook page.