Int’l. fresh meat shortage driving up local prices

      Int’l. fresh meat shortage  driving up local prices

This composite photo shows how the price of ground sirloin has increased at one local supermarket. 



PHILIPSBURG--The closure of meat-processing plants in the United States coupled with the shortage of fresh meat – including ground beef, poultry and pork – has resulted in prices going up exponentially, in some cases more than double.   

  One consumer presented photos of 0.520 kilograms of ground sirloin purchased at a local establishment with a packing date of May 5, 2020, for NAf. 10.77 and 0.615kg of the same meat with a packaging date of May 20, 2020 for a whopping NAf. 27.47.

  In explaining the sharp hike, Carrefour Market General Manager Thilak M.V. Pillai said prices of fresh meat have gone up more than double because of a shortage. “This includes the ground beef prices. Also, prices have gone up on fresh poultry and pork.”

  He shared some information from the supermarket’s supplier, who said: “We are seeing wholesale meat price inflation at a pace that we have never witnessed before, as concerns are growing about a nationwide meat shortage. At the same time, livestock prices are crumbling because there is nowhere to send the animals for slaughter, as the meat-processing plants do not have the labour to accommodate the large number of animals.”

  The supplier said dozens of large meat-processing facilities have closed their doors in response to thousands of workers testing positive for the coronavirus. “Even ground beef 50s (which is normally the less-lean meat used most heavily by food service) has increased,” the supplier informed Carrefour.