Why should you live an organic life?

Why should you live an organic life?

This information is brought to you by 24 Mantra, India's pioneer in organic food. Living an organic life means more things than one, but one of the most important components of organic living is organic eating. Organic food is pure and grown free of pesticides and as closely to the natural rhythms of nature. Organic food companies work directly with farmers to maintain organic integrity. It’s virtually getting food from the farm directly into your kitchen.

The 24 Mantra way

Organic food is a smart mantra for today’s families. With the pace of life and its pressures, it gets difficult to remain conscious when choosing options to eat. We’ve seen the rise of consumption of chemical loaded and processed foods, but we’ve also recently seen a shift in consumer preferences to organic meals. Organic, conscious living is a smart mantra.

Did you know that toxic residues from pesticides can do all of the following? Lead to hazardous diseases like cancer and suppression of natural development of the nervous system; Weaken children’s immune systems; Cause a variety of health issues regarding prenatal pesticide exposure (where residues in a mother’s diet cross the placenta during foetal development and exposures during the first years of a child’s life).

A few reasons to go organic: Organic food gives your children a head-start; Organic food is free from pesticides and fertilizers; Organic food tastes fresh; Organic food does not contain chemical preservatives, synthetic colours and artificial flavouring; Organic farming is planet-friendly; Organic food stays in harmony with nature; Organic food helps small famers and eliminates middleman to create sustainable livelihoods; Organic food gains from the diversity of crops.

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